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Teresa and Moses, saved from abortion
Marlyn and Destiny, saved from abortion Jackie and Jordan, saved from abortion
Janel and Jaiel, saved from abortion
Jessica and Matthew, saved from abortion

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Weekly Ministry Focus
Volume 3 Index (for the year 2003)
  • #1 (Jan. 27) "I'm keeping my baby, but I'm not keeping my boyfriend"
  • #2 (Feb. 3) Prisoner's innocent baby escapes death penalty
  • #3 (Feb. 10) Non-pregnant woman escapes abortionist's knife
  • #4 (Feb. 17) Father frustrated as daughter suffers botched abortion
  • #5 (Feb. 24) Woman risks divorce by deciding not to abort baby
  • #6 (Mar. 10) Couple faces evil after praying for a miracle
  • #7 (Mar. 17) "I didn't realize what 'abortion' meant"
  • #8 (Mar. 24) Baby survives in spite of irresponsible men
  • #9 (Mar. 31) Troops' loved ones rescued on Bakersfield's front lines
  • #10 (Apr. 7) Divorce and family trauma endanger child's life
  • #11 (Apr. 14) Indian man makes the right "choice" for his wife
  • #12 (Sept. 15) Jesus shows His love by sending a special messenger
  • #13 (Nov. 5) Marine asks God for a "sign" to save his child
  • #14 (Nov. 23) Possibility of tubal pregnancy saves baby's life
  • #15 (Dec. 31) Unfaithful boyfriend helps woman choose life for her baby

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