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Weekly Ministry Focus

Volume 3, Number 12
September 15, 2003

Weekly Ministry Focus
Jesus shows His love by sending a special messenger

At least five babies were saved from abortion last Tuesday in Bakersfield, and another child was saved on Monday, as Christians ministered in love outside the Family Planning Associates abortion chamber. Abortionist Robert Smith traveled from Glendale to earn two days' worth of blood money. The LifeHouse pregnancy help center nearby was busy helping many women. Here are a few selected reports from last week's ministry activities:

Until last Tuesday, "Alejandra" felt that life was being unfair to her. Three months pregnant, with her family in another country, Alejandra found it necessary to live with a friend who is also pregnant. To make matters worse, burglars recently stole everything - even all of Alejandra's clothes. Alejandra didn't want to abort her baby, but it seemed that she had no other option.

Oralia, a new ministry volunteer, noticed Alejandra driving into the abortion chamber's parking lot. Beckoning to Alejandra from the sidewalk, Oralia convinced her to talk about her dilemma. (Both Alejandra and Oralia speak only Spanish.)

Terri* joined in the conversation, with Lupe providing translation, as Alejandra talked about her recent problems and needs. Father James was walking along the sidewalk praying, so Terri called him over to encourage Alejandra by telling her about the resources which are available to meet her needs.

LSM is facing the most severe financial crisis in almost 20 years of ministry. Thousands of dollars are needed in the next few days just to cover our immediate expenses for our Bakersfield ministries. Additional funds are also needed for the new Las Vegas outreach. Your generosity in this time of need will be greatly appreciated. Please send a check to LSM, PO Box 40972, Bakersfield, CA 93384-0972, or, better yet, donate online.

After talking for several minutes, Alejandra declared that she would let her baby live. When Terri asked what changed her mind, Alejandra pointed to Oralia. Oralia responded by saying "it's Jesus."

"But you are God's hands and feet," Terri said to Oralia. "Thank God He brought you here." (Many times in recent weeks, no Spanish-speaking volunteers have been available to speak to women like Alejandra.)

Turning to Alejandra, Terri said, "Jesus loves you so very much, he sent her" (referring to Oralia).

Terri called the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center to arrange an ultrasound for Alejandra, and Lupe brought Alejandra to the BPC. Later in the day, Alejandra had the joy of seeing her 12-week baby for the first time, and hearing the baby's healthy heartbeat.

"Basil" and "Melba" came to the abortion chamber with their toddler, planning to abort their preborn child. Melba went up the stairs to the waiting room, but Basil needed to stay in the car with their toddler because children are not allowed inside Family Planning Associates (abortionists fear that they won't make as much money if women are exposed to the smiling faces of little children in the abortion chamber's waiting room).

The Christians on the sidewalks gave Basil literature about abortion, and said they would watch the toddler while he went upstairs to encourage Melba not to abort their child. Eventually, Melba came out.

Debbie, one of the Christians, brought Basil and Melba across the street to the LifeHouse, where she showed them a video about abortion. God gave Basil and Melba mercy for their child in the womb, and they decided to nurture and protect their new baby.

"Lorna" and her boyfriend talked at the top of the stairs, just a few steps from the door of the abortion center. Standing on the sidewalk, Pam prayed for Lorna, who was still holding the literature Pam had given her. "I was agreeing in prayer with Jesus, asking that they would come down," Pam later explained.

Soon Lorna and her boyfriend turned around and headed down the stairs. Walking to their car, Lorna's boyfriend revealed that they had decided not to abort their baby. Pam gave Lorna a baby gift as they drove away from the killing center, their tiny child still safely nestled in Lorna's womb.

Ministry needs
  • Baby booties and other baby items
  • Maternity clothes
  • Personal hygiene items and gift bags to be given to post-abortion women
  • Financial assistance

"Synda" staggered out of the abortion chamber, crying "I shouldn't have done it." Terri hugged Synda, Terri's hair becoming wet with her tears. As she sobbed, Synda told Terri that she was only 17 and already had two children. Terri gave Synda a gift bag which contained hygiene items, a small Bible, and a post-abortion pamphlet.

With the help of New Beginnings Christian Church, LifeSavers Ministries has recently begun offering these gift bags to women who are leaving after abortions. The gift provides a tangible way of showing love to these women, and helps the women to be more receptive to post-abortion help.

* LSM team members
Scripture Focus: Luke 24:46-48

He [Jesus] told them, "This is what is written: The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things."

Pray that God will deliver His people from a false "gospel" which proclaims forgiveness of sins without repentance. Ask God to help the women who face the guilt of abortion today to receive His forgiveness as they come to the cross in repentance.

Prayer Focus

Rally for the Children! Las Vegas "Rally for the Children" seeks to motivate Christians to action

Several months ago, Tim and Terri Palmquist, leaders of LifeSavers Ministries, were asked to consider helping to start new pro-life ministry outreaches in Las Vegas. After meeting with various pastors and Christian Leaders, a "Rally for the Children" was scheduled to be held at Trinity Life Center in Las Vegas on October 4 at 6 pm.

LifeSavers Ministries team members and volunteers will be traveling to Las Vegas on October 3-5 to help with the rally and other related activities. If you are interested in traveling to Las Vegas to help with this event, please contact Tim or Terri at 323-2229 or (866) 949-2229.

For more information on the Rally for the Children, go to

Elizabeth League training sessions

Christians who are interested in helping pregnant women through the church are encouraged to attend a one-hour orientation session for the Elizabeth League. Training meetings will be offered on the next two Monday nights, September 15, and September 22.

The Elizabeth League orientation meetings will be held at the LifeHouse, 2428 H Street in downtown Bakersfield. Please contact Tim or Terri at 323-2229 if you plan to attend either of these meetings, in order that adequate preparations may be made.


This week we will focus our ministry efforts in Bakersfield on the abortion days, Monday and Tuesday from approximately 7 am to 5 pm.