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Teresa and Moses, saved from abortion
Marlyn and Destiny, saved from abortion Jackie and Jordan, saved from abortion
Janel and Jaiel, saved from abortion
Jessica and Matthew, saved from abortion

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Our blog now contains the most recent ministry updates and praise reports!

The LSM FrontLine Ministry Focus provided ministry reports, prayer suggestions, scripture passages, and other relevant information for supporters and team members of LifeSavers Ministries.
In Touch With LifeSavers Ministries: 1984-2004: Twenty years of saving babies... one heart at a time

In Touch With LifeSavers newsletters

  • June 2004 Twentieth Anniversary Edition
    • Passion for babies, compassion for moms:
      a firm foundation for two decades of ministry
    • Highlights of our 20th Anniversary "Labor of Love" Banquet!
  • December 1, 2000
    • God uses pregnancy to transform a drug addict's life
    • Sanctity of Human Life Vigil to be held Sunday, January 28
    • New nationwide Voice for Life ministry project
    • And other pro-life ministry reports
  • March 15, 1999
    • LifeHouse provides hope for mother and baby
    • Sidewalk counselors collaborate with His Nesting Place to save lives
    • Centennial Christmas parade float portrays LifeHouse in 1898, 1998
    • Chinese refugee saga ends with freedom
    • Ambulance takes woman from abortion chamber
    • And other pro-life ministry reports
  • August 22, 1998
    • New "LifeHouse" shines God's light on Bakersfield's darkest corner
    • Abortion leads church to action
    • Palmdale baby lives while abortion chamber "dies"
    • Chinese refugee set free, testifies in Washington
    • And other pro-life ministry reports
  • February 27, 1998
    • Baby "dead" in July, born in February
    • New pregnancy help center may open across the street from abortion chamber
    • How God used Bill Newsom to impact our lives
    • Untimely death becomes a beautiful testimony
    • One refugee's journey from jail to freedom
    • And other pro-life ministry reports

Archives: Older issues of In Touch With Lifesavers will be added in the future if time permits. Please return again.


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