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Over 30 years of ministry to pregnant women and their children
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Teresa and Moses, saved from abortion
Marlyn and Destiny, saved from abortion Jackie and Jordan, saved from abortion
Janel and Jaiel, saved from abortion
Jessica and Matthew, saved from abortion

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Linda Haslow, President of Right to Life of Central California (RTLCC), Kern County chapter encouraged their supporters to become a "Life Saver" at their banquet on February 8, 2005. Before RTLCC existed, Kern County Right to Life Educational Foundation encouraged their supporters to become LifeSavers many times over the years. (Rachel Kennedy was the President of Kern County Right to Life Educational Foundation.) Kern County Right to Life Educational Foundation was the oldest pro-life organization in Kern County before the organization closed a few years ago when RTLCC was established. Today, LifeSavers Ministries is the oldest continuously operated pro-life organization in Kern County.
Purpose of LifeSavers Ministries

the "Family Planning Associates"
abortion chamber
in Bakersfield
Baby Tia, a victim of prostaglandin abortion
Does God care?

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Click here for highlights from the Labor of Love Banquet
The 20th anniversary of LSM was celebrated in June 2004 at our "Labor of Love" banquet. Take a few moments to rejoice with us for what God accomplished over our first two decades!

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Read how God moved the founders of LSM to begin reaching out to pregnant women over 20 years ago.

God's Plan: Tranforming the Gates of Hell into the Gates of Heaven, a book by Tim Palmquist
To learn more about the scriptural foundations of our ministry philosophy, read Tim Palmquist's new book, God's Plan.

The Elizabeth League, offering support and encouragement for pregnant women through the Church
LSM's Elizabeth League links needy pregnant women with churches.
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