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Weekly Ministry Focus

A busy day of bloodshed
(April 8, 2003)
From the crack of dawn
until late afternoon
last Tuesday, Bakersfield's
FPA abortion chamber
was teeming with death.

The stench
reached to heaven.

7:15 am: Before the sun's rays hit the killing center, some victims were already inside
7:15 am:
Before the
sun's rays hit
the killing
center, some
victims were
already inside.
The first car
arrived about
6:30 am.

8:45 am: The killing center's parking lot was overflowing 8:45 am:
Many businesses had not yet opened for the day, but the FPA parking lot was overflowing.

Courier carries a box and two crates filled with corpses of babies

4:40 pm:
A calloused courier carried away a box and two crates, packed with bloody buckets containing tiny mutilated corpses.

Click here to see what is inside the crates.

4:42 pm:
After his victims' bodies were removed from the scene of the crime, the anonymous abortionist walked to his car, appearing relaxed and happy.

The anonymous abortionist walked to his car

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