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Teresa and Moses, saved from abortion
Marlyn and Destiny, saved from abortion Jackie and Jordan, saved from abortion
Janel and Jaiel, saved from abortion
Jessica and Matthew, saved from abortion

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Weekly Ministry Focus

Inside the crates
Buckets filled with dead babies, the result of FPA's business

Each of the plastic buckets pictured to the left contains the mutilated parts of a child who was lovingly created in the image of God. At the end of every abortion day in Bakersfield, the children who were killed that day are placed into plastic buckets like these. Then the buckets are Courier carries a box and two crates filled with corpses of babies placed inside a plastic crate (or more than one crate if the abortionist had an extraordinary killing day). The crate is securely taped to prevent anyone from tampering with the contents (after all, the buckets contain obvious evidence of a crime against humanity). Then a courier arrives to take the crates to a laboratory in Long Beach. Eventually, the babies' bodies are burned, or ground up and flushed into the sewer.

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A busy day of bloodshed
More news from Weekly Ministry Focus Vol. 3 No. 11
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