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Weekly Ministry Focus

Volume 2, Number 16
August 20-21, 2001

Weekly Ministry Focus
God answers prayer by exposing abortion death

As you know, we have asked you to pray various times in the past that God would expose the evil deeds of abortionist Kenneth Wright, who kills children here in Bakersfield as well as at other Family Planning Associates locations such as Fresno. Many, many times we have seen ambulances take women away from the Bakersfield abortion chamber, but it is very rare for us to find reliable information about whether or not the maternal victim died.

As reported by the Fresno Bee, God has answered our prayer by motivating the family of a woman who died from one of Wright's abortions to sue him. Pray that justice will prevail, and the bloody hands of Kenneth Wright will be legally restrained from further murders, just as other abortionists around the nation who have been sent to jail within the last few months.

By the way, Kenneth Wright is one of the "pioneer" abortionists, who started killing children when abortion was legalized (and probably before, if the truth were told). He is one of the most "experienced" abortionists in the business. The fact that this "highly qualified" baby killer is being proven to be a careless butcher may hopefully help to show our nation that all abortionists are butchers.

Fresno Bee; August, 18, 2001
Fresno Abortion Practitioner Sued for Abortion Death, Botched Abortion

Fresno, CA -- A Fresno abortion practitioner, Kenneth Wright, and his facility face two malpractice lawsuits stemming from separate botched abortions. One of the women slipped into a coma after the May 5, 2000, abortion and later died.

The other lawsuit says the doctor "overlooked a fetus" during a Nov. 10, 1999, abortion, forcing the woman to have emergency surgery later.

The most recent case was filed this week in Fresno County Superior Court. It accuses Wright and Family Planning Associates Medical Group abortion facility of wrongfully causing the death of Kimberly K. Neil. The lawsuit alleges Neil wasn't properly monitored and wasn't properly treated after she went into respiratory arrest during the abortion. Neil died May 22, 2000.

Her family, which filed the lawsuit, referred questions to their Los Angeles lawyer, who did not return telephone calls Friday. Wright, 68, declined to comment, referring questions to his lawyer.

The other case, filed in April, claims Wright was negligent and "overlooked" an unborn child while doing an abortion on Heather M. Shaw of Tulare County in 1999. Shaw later suffered cramping, hemorrhaging, nausea and "borderline gangrene" and required emergency surgery, the lawsuit says.

Wright's lawyer, Donald R. Fischbach, denies an unborn child was left inside Shaw. He said there were other "tissues" that weren't removed completely and that Shaw signed a consent form saying she understood such a problem could arise. Shaw should have returned to Wright's office to have those "tissues" removed, he said.

Instead, Shaw later had surgery at a South Valley hospital to complete the botched abortion.

"Our contention is that this is just very unfortunate for all concerned," Fischbach said.

Lita Reid, Shaw's lawyer, said Friday that an unborn child was left behind during the abortion and that her client's medical care was substandard.

"There is a consent form and you warn patients about things, but you can't write off negligence with a disclaimer," Reid said.

Both lawsuits seek unspecified damages.

August 22, 2001
God begins to rip the veil off of Bakersfield's killing center
(update on today's press conference, written by Tim Palmquist of LSM)

Tim and Terri Palmquist of LifeSavers Ministries held a press conference this morning at 9:30 am at the corner of 25th and H (the location of the Family Planning Associates abortion mill and the LifeHouse pregnancy help center), calling attention to two new lawsuits against FPA abortionist Kenneth Wright. Reporters from channels 29 (CBS) and 17 (NBC) were present, along with a reporter from KUZZ radio and the Bakersfield Californian newspaper.

We had expected Wright to arrive during the time of the press conference, but he had arrived early to begin a busy killing day.

Terri began by sharing an encounter she had with Wright several years ago. "God loves you," she said as he approached the abortion mill door. "God must be a woman, because only a woman could have made this world such a mess," Wright retorted. Obviously this man who claims to focus on "helping" women actually carries a great deal of resentment toward the women he claims to be helping.

I read excerpts from Psalm 52: "Why do you boast of evil, you mighty man? ... Surely God will bring you down to everlasting ruin... The righteous will see and fear; they will laugh at him, saying 'Here now is the man who did not make God his stronghold but trusted in his great wealth and grew strong by destroying others!'" I explained that exactly one year ago, August 21, 2000, I proclaimed the message of this Psalm to abortionist Wright as he stood in the parking lot of the FPA abortion center (see Weekly Ministry Focus Volume 1, Numbers 33 and 34). Now, one year later, we can see that God is beginning to fulfill these words, to bring down this man who profits by destroying others.

I explained that it is up to God to bring Wright down, and we will not come after him ourselves. We are in the business of LIFE, while they are in the business of DEATH. If we supported killing abortionists, we would be dabbling in the business of death.

Terri took out a copy of a Family Planning Associates consent form, and shared excerpts from the form with the reporters, focusing on the way FPA tries to prevent women from seeking outside medical help to correct abortion injuries. By insisting that women sign this form before an abortion, FPA is doubtlessly successful in covering up many abortion injuries. Terri encouraged women who have signed the consent form to know that they have not given up their rights, and to seek competent medical help (not from FPA) and legal counsel.

It is not unusual for us to see ambulances take women away from FPA, even though FPA is just two doors down from the hospital. Obviously these must be very serious injuries to require an ambulance under these circumstances. But we usually do not know whether or not the maternal victim survives. (NEWS FLASH! AT THE VERY MOMENT I AM WRITING THIS, AN AMBULANCE JUST PULLED UP, AND AFTER ABOUT 10-15 MINUTES OF APPARENT LIFE-SUPPORT EFFORTS, THE BODY OF A WOMAN WAS TAKEN AWAY ON A STRETCHER. WE CALLED ALL OF THE MEDIA TO ALERT THEM TO THIS, BUT ONLY THE CHANNEL 17 NEWS CAMERAS ARRIVED IN TIME TO FILM THE AMBULANCE. At the very moment I was writing about the ambulances coming to the abortion mill, an ambulance arrives. Anybody else see God's hand at work here?)

We informed the media that we have known for years of at least two Bakersfield women who were killed by abortion, and that even the local doctor who has provided medical back-up services for FPA has been sued for killing a woman by abortion. Again, these are just the cases we know of! But, as I explained to the reporters, the Bible tells us that what is hidden will be revealed, and Wright undoubtedly knows that this one wrongful death lawsuit could open the floodgates to bring out the truth he has hidden about many of his other victims.

We then provided the reporters with fact sheets on the two new cases against Kenneth Wright: a wrongful death suit brought by the family of Kimberly K. Neil, and a malpractice suit brought by Heather Shaw. (Details on these cases, including court case numbers, are available from us on request.)

As I told the reporters, we can prove that the focus of FPA is making a profit and not caring for women. One of the best examples of this is how FPA has handled the abortion pill. The FDA approved the abortion pill last September for use up to the seventh week of pregnancy. The FDA also specified that three mifepristone pills should be used. FPA has bent the rules (actually, as Dr. J.C. Willke told me "they aren't just bending, they are breaking them") to maximize their profits. By using one pill at a time, they cut their costs by one-third. But they do so at the expense of women's (and babies') lives.

I explained to the reporters that these new lawsuits against Wright may potentially have a nationwide impact on abortion, because Wright is obviously an "experienced" abortionist, having focusing primarily on abortion for over 30 years. FPA's Web site calls Wright an abortion "pioneer." These cases will help to show that botched abortions don't just happen among the lower-level inexperienced abortionists, but throughout every level of the abortion industry. The type of person who is attracted to the occupation of abortionist is by definition someone who has less respect for human life than we expect from most members of the medical profession. He must, as a part of his "job," intentionally stop a child's heartbeat, and rip the child's arms and legs off. How can we be surprised when this same man is found to have killed adult women by his negligence?

Terri challenged the reporters to recognize the fact that botched abortions happen every day in our nation, much more often that abortionists are shot. Yet any violence against an abortionist is decried by media nationwide, while almost all of the botched abortions are completely ignored.

As other abortionists in our nation have been prosecuted and jailed in recent months, we believe that when Wright's actions come to light, he too will be incarcerated. But we pray that before that day comes, he will repent and turn to God, so that God can use the life of this abortionist for his glory, as he has used other abortionists who have converted to Christ. Our prayer is that this man who has surrendered the members of his body to sin will accept Christ's sacrifice for his sin, and as Wright puts to death the sin within his body, we pray that he will now surrender the members of his body to God for increasing acts of righteousness (see the book of Romans).

After the reporters left, a pro-life woman stood on the sidewalk praying with her two daughters. When she saw a young couple approaching the abortion center, she shared with them about the new wrongful death lawsuit against abortionist Wright. At about that time, the ambulance arrived. The couple looked at each other, turned around, and immediately left the killing center.

Another woman stopped by just moments ago to show off her two-month old child. She had been to the LifeHouse back in October, and as this message was being prepared, she was still sharing with Terri her pain over aborting a child at FPA several years ago. She said that she sees the birth of this child as evidence of God's grace in her life, healing her from the guilt and pain of her abortion.

We pray that many children (and women) are saved in the coming days as God continues to expose these unfruitful works of darkness in Bakersfield, and to reveal His glory.

As the long killing day (over 10 hours) drew to a close, the courier came, as he does at the end of every abortion day, to pick up a box filled with the tiny corpses.

As is his typical procedure, the courier went upstairs to announce his arrival, then proceeded down the stairs to the outside door adjacent to the execution room. An abortion chamber employee waited just inside the door, holding the box of corpses. Finally, the courier carried the box into the back of his pickup truck, to be taken to an unknown location. Terri took a few pictures of this final act of disrespect to the bodies of these victims.

Last year, Beth Herblet quit her well-paying medical job to focus full-time on pro-life ministry. At the time she said "if I'm going to tell a girl to go through with an unplanned pregnancy, I should be able to give up at least nine months of my life and depend totally on the Lord."

For almost a year, Beth has been helping at the LifeHouse every week, and spending several days outside the Family Planning Associates abortion chamber in Fresno offering help to women who are seeking abortions.

Before she quit her job, Beth had been one of the primary financial supporters for LifeSavers and the Palmquist family. Eventually, however, she totally exhausted her financial resources, and she now has found it necessary to go back to a paying job.

Next week will be Beth's last week with us. Please pray that God will guide Beth during this time, and that God will provide new help at the LifeHouse and outside the Fresno killing center to carry on this life-saving ministry.

The loss of Beth will put further strain on Tim and Terri Palmquist and their children. Please pray that God will bring the Palmquists to a place of financial and organizational stability.

Praise God for at least two babies saved from abortion last week in Bakersfield! In addition, God changed the hearts of two women who had brought friends for abortions. The women, who said they were Christians, first boasted that they are totally in favor of abortion, and if they became pregnant again they would abort again, even though they have had several abortions. "God will forgive us," they said. But after Terri convinced them to come to the LifeHouse to watch a video about abortion, one of them said "if I would have seen this video before my first abortion, I would have four living children now."

Compassion or Cruelty?

What kind of a man holds Christian memorial services for children after he has butchered them? Wichita abortionist George Tiller. Read about one of his victims at:

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