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June 2004

An example to the nation

During the turbulent years which followed, LifeSavers Ministries was subjected to various attacks, including hostile government agencies seeking to shut

down the ministry and biased media reporters who attempted to defame the ministry. From time to time, the victories and defeats of LifeSavers Ministries became the subject of national media attention. In the end, God proved Himself stronger than even the most powerful political enemy.

"I think it was about March of 1984, one day I was praying and I felt like God told me that he was going to take Bakersfield and use it as an example nationwide," Stephanie recalled. God is still revealing that plan today.

"It's really about Jesus Christ, and the heart of God towards not just the children who are slaughtered but towards the women who have these pregnancies," Steve acknowledged. "To really understand the issue I think you have to develop the heart of God, the compassion of Jesus towards

"It's really about Jesus Christ, and the heart of God towards not just the children who are slaughtered but towards the women."

sinners and towards people that don't think they have options, that think they're trapped in a sinful situation they can't get out of. The truth is that Jesus loves sinners, and as long as He does, there is going to be a need for people to reach out to them."

In a day when some pro-life ministries have become so woman-centered that they hide the truth of the abortion holocaust, LifeSavers Ministries maintains a commitment to spread the love and truth of Christ to both unborn children and pregnant women. Although LSM now operates the LifeHouse pregnancy help center, reaching out to women who are entering the abortion chamber continues to be a major emphasis.

Today, Steve Hanson is an attorney living in Stockton, California. "I'm just thankful that God gave me a chance to be involved in something that is just crucial to the future of America."

In God's plan, no one person was responsible for the establishment of LifeSavers Ministries. "It wasn't Stephanie or me or anyone," Steve insisted.

"It was the hand of God."

Steve Hanson will be a special guest speaker at LifeSavers Ministries' Labor of Love banquet on June 17. The next edition of In Touch With LifeSavers (due to be published in the fall of 2004) will chronicle the work of God throughout the history of LifeSavers Ministries. A video/DVD on the history of LSM is also being produced, focusing on the testimonies of 20 women whose children were saved by God through LSM.


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