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June 2004

A commitment to evangelism

When the leadership of Life Savers Ministries decided that it was time to become a 501(c)3 tax exempt corporation, Sharon Johns and LSM chairman Bill Bonderov summarized the purpose of the organization in one word: "evangelism." The official bylaws of Life Savers Ministries, Inc., permanently established the fact that this organization has never been about political action, but proclaiming the Gospel of Life to women and their children is and always has been the focus.

"Bill challenged us to go beyond the goal of only saving the baby's physical life," Sharon Johns explained. "What if the baby's mother is going to hell?"

Years later, this document and its emphasis on evangelism would have a key impact on the future direction of Life Savers Ministries, motivating the coining of the term "pregnancy evangelism" which describes the LSM approach to pro-life ministry.

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