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God uses pregnancy to transform a drug addict's life
Sanctity of Human Life Vigil to be held Sunday, January 28
New nationwide Voice for Life ministry project:
Spreading the news about babies saved from the abortion holocaust
Fifth Annual Mexican Dinner and Auction
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December 2000

Voice For Life: Speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves

Spreading the news about babies saved from the abortion holocaust

Every day throughout our nation, God uses pro-life ministries to save babies who were scheduled to die in abortion chambers.

But many Christians are unaware of these daily victories, because news reports--even on Christian radio stations--often focus on negative aspects of our nation's struggle against abortion.

The new Voice For Life website is gathering reports of babies saved from pro-life missionaries, spreading this wonderful news to Christians around the nation.

A daily, one-minute, nationwide radio news report is being planned, using the reports being gathered from this missionary network.

When more Christians begin to learn the truth about how God is saving children from abortion today, it is hoped that many more will be motivated to begin following God's command to rescue these innocent children.

For more information on Voice For Life, or for the latest national report of a baby saved from abortion, go to: The Voice For Life website also includes various documents chronicling the history of Voice For Life's ministry to Chinese refugees.


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