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Weekly Ministry Focus

"Pro-choice" cartoon advocates killing pro-life Christians
Dianysis fires 'condom gun' at pro-life Christians

Dianysis fires "condom gun" at pro-life Christians.

Dianysis' targets (pro-life Christians) explode in condoms

Dianysis' targets (pro-life Christians) explode in condoms.

Dianysis (notice her devilish horns) before she dips 'the Senator' in boiling oil to convert him to an advocate of 'choice.'

Dianysis (notice her devilish "horns") before she dips "the Senator" in boiling oil to convert him to an advocate of "choice."

Watch the cartoon (if the above link does not work, try these links).

One of the nation's leading Planned Parenthood offices has released a promotional cartoon which features pro-life Christians being drowned, exploded and decapitated. The star of the cartoon is "Dianysis," a superhero figure based upon Dian Harrison, the president of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (PPGG), the agency responsible for the death of Holly Patterson. Dianysis, dressed in a costume which resembles the devil (complete with horns) flies around the globe to promote her message that "Safe is Sexy" to children. Dianysis also laughs at the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, deceptively touting birth control pills and condoms as the solution.

Because of the fact that media reporters typically ignore pro-abortion violence, which far exceeds anti-abortion violence, people who are outraged by this cartoon are being encouraged to write a letter to the editor of their local newspaper. At a time when abortion advocates are inventing bogus claims that Supreme Court nominee John Roberts supports anti-abortion violence, the truth about pro-abortion violence needs to be heard by more citizens.

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate receives over half of its money from government funding.

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