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Weekly Ministry Focus

Volume 5, Number 6
September 6, 2005

Weekly Ministry Focus
Planned assault ends with hugs as God saves "tubal" baby
17 News report: LSM helps woman

17 news reports on Students for the Silent memorial A 17 news report focused on the recent Students for the Silent memorial (although the reporters couldn't seem to get the group's name right).

17 news camera documents distraught woman leaving abortion chamber

As the cameras rolled, a distraught woman came out of the abortion chamber bawling.

17 news report shows Terri Palmquist helping woman

The report showed how Terri Palmquist of LifeSavers Ministries helped this pregnant woman.

View the 17 news report video

Dozens of innocent children were killed by abortion
Robert Smith, FPA abortionist

Abortionist Robert Smith

last Monday and Tuesday at the Family Planning Associates abortion chamber in Bakersfield. Glendale abortionist Robert Smith wielded his bloody knife inside the killing center, while Christians offered words of life and truth outside and at the LifeHouse pregnancy help center across the street. At least two children (but possibly four or more) were saved.

Here are some of the ways in which God had a life-changing impact on people through these ministries last week:

"Andy" reluctantly opened the door to the abortion chamber's waiting room so that "Nita" could enter. On the sidewalk below, Tim* pleaded with the couple not to enter this place of death.

Glaring at Tim, Andy sternly asked "do you want me to come down there and explain something to you?"

"Yes, I would like that very much," Tim responded nervously, even though the look on Andy's face seemed to indicate that he was planning to let his fist do the explaining. As Andy hurried down the stairs, Tim realized that there would be no witnesses if he was assaulted.

Meet this baby saved from abortion

Andy walked up to Tim, demanding "do you know what a tubal pregnancy is?"

"Yes I do," Tim responded, "but they don't handle that here; that has to be done at a hospital."

"We have already been to the hospital," Andy explained. "The baby is growing in her tube -- we have no other alternative! If she doesn't have an abortion she will die!"

Tim offered to arrange for Nita to be seen by another doctor, but Andy responded "are you a doctor?"

"No, but we know that they can't handle that situation here," Tim replied.

"We have already talked to other doctors; they all are telling us the same thing! You think we want this abortion? Pastors have even told us that this is not wrong. She has been crying for a week already!" Andy pointed to his head. "You see these grey hairs? I've never had grey hairs before this past week! This is killing me."

Baby Destiny Lucky

When baby Destiny's mother first found out she was pregnant, her condition was diagnosed as a possible tubal pregnancy. God used this false diagnosis to save baby Destiny's life. Today, baby Destiny is a happy one-year-old. As Tim tried to help Andy understand why the abortion chamber could not operate on a tubal pregnancy, he told him how God saved baby Destiny's life.

"Somebody is lying to you," Tim said.

Andy challenged Tim, "how many times have you been in this place?"

"We're not allowed inside the building," Tim confessed, "but we have dealt with thousands of women here for many years."

"I want to have this baby," Andy insisted. "I make enough money to support 18 kids! We're not here because we want to be, believe me."

"May I pray for you?" Tim asked Andy.

"Sure," Andy responded, but he turned and walked away instead of staying to pray with Tim.

The situation looked hopeless, but Tim contacted Terri* at the LifeHouse to see if she could locate a doctor who could see Nita. Terri would normally have been on the sidewalk, but that morning she had been feeling very dizzy so she sent Tim out in her place.

Inside the waiting room, Andy asked Nita to ask the receptionist if they can operate on a tubal pregnancy.

"No, we don't deal with that here," the receptionist replied. "But your pregnancy is normal."

With tears streaming down their faces, Nita and Andy hurried down the stairs. "We need to see a doctor right now," Andy insisted. "They say that our baby is not in her tube!"

Terri arranged for a doctor to examine Nita that afternoon. The doctor confirmed that Nita was experiencing a normal 13 week pregnancy.

Andy and Nita hugged and thanked Tim and Terri, as Andy told Tim, "when I first came down those stairs, I intended to punch you out."

"I know," Tim smiled.

"But when I saw the sincere look in your eyes I just couldn't do it," Andy admitted.

"Before we came here, my dad told me that there would be people out here and that they could get help for us," Andy said. "But I didn't think there was anything that anybody could do."

The medical facility which referred Nita to the abortion chamber has often been known to send women to the abortion chamber for fraudulent reasons. Andy and Nita intend to file a complaint against this facility and consider legal action because of the emotional distress they suffered.

"If the baby is a boy, we will name him after you, because you saved his life" Andy told Tim. "What was your name again?"


"Well, we hope it's a girl."

Meet this baby--boy or girl?

As "Savannah" left the abortion chamber after her abortion a few years ago, Terri encouraged her to call 323-BABY if she needed any post-abortion help. Weeping over her dead child, Savannah promised God that she would never again seek an abortion.

Savannah recently found out that she is pregnant again. Emotionally distressed because her boyfriend no longer wants a relationship with her, Savannah considered abortion to be the "easy way" out. But she remembered the phone number she had heard after her last abortion, so she called Terri to see what she could do to help.

Terri is hoping to arrange for Savannah to live at a Christian maternity home. Savannah plans to give her child to a family for adoption.

"Flo" suffers physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her husband. He often comes home drunk and beats her in a jealous rage. So when Flo found out that she was pregnant, she scheduled an abortion.

But at the abortion chamber, Flo met a prayer group from her small town (Lamont) who encouraged her to let her baby live.

The next day when a member of the Lamont Elizabeth League group met with Flo at her home, Flo explained her reason for deciding not to abort her baby: "How can I ask God for help when I am doing such a terrible thing?"

*LSM team member
Scripture Focus: Jeremiah 20:7-9

O LORD, You induced me, and I was persuaded;
You are stronger than I, and have prevailed.
I am in derision daily;
Everyone mocks me.
For when I spoke, I cried out;
I shouted, "Violence and plunder!"
Because the word of the LORD was made to me
A reproach and a derision daily.
Then I said, "I will not make mention of Him,
Nor speak anymore in His name."
But His word was in my heart like a burning fire
Shut up in my bones;
I was weary of holding it back,
And I could not.

Allow God to speak through you today even though the message you bring may cause others to mock you.

Prayer Focus
Bound 4 Life prayer covenant
Jesus, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of this nation. God, end abortion and send revival to America.

Think fetuses can't feel pain? Try telling them that!
by Dr. Steve Calvin

Twenty-five years of delivering babies and a specialization in high-risk obstetrics provide me some experience to refute the claim that fetuses feel no pain until 30 weeks. Many of the tiny babies that I deliver, some as small as 1 pound at 23 weeks, have required surgery during their difficult neonatal battle for life. All of them receive anesthesia.

Before the 1970s, many newborns, both term and preterm, were operated on without anesthesia in the mistaken belief that they could not feel pain. With more sophisticated monitoring it became clear that blood pressure and pulse rose dramatically during the trauma of surgery. Subsequently, a subspecialty of pediatric anesthesia developed.

Abortion defenders... blind orthodoxy requires denial of fetal pain and willful ignorance of the significant long-term consequences of abortion.

(Note: Dr. Calvins complete commentary is available from the Minneapolis StarTribune.)

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