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Teresa and Moses, saved from abortion
Marlyn and Destiny, saved from abortion Jackie and Jordan, saved from abortion
Janel and Jaiel, saved from abortion
Jessica and Matthew, saved from abortion

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The Elizabeth League

Recommendations for "Elizabeth League" contacts with assigned clients
The Elizabeth League
The Elizabeth League
Get involved!
  1. Initial visit (brief introduction): Bring client a gift basket (homemade cookies, bread, a cake, other homemade gifts, or bath items, etc.; just a small token of love). Ask her to call you if she needs anything and tell her you will contact her in about a week. (If you are unable to establish personal contact with the client, be careful not to disclose private information to others at her home. Just say "we wanted to invite her to our church.")

  2. Second visit: offer to take her to prenatal visits if needed, and again assure her that she can call if she needs anything. Ask her to join you for lunch or dinner for the next three or four weeks so that you can get to know her better.

  3. Invite her to church, and offer her a ride if she needs it. If she says she is interested in going to church, call her the night before to remind her.

  4. Call weekly to see how she is, and to encourage her. Always ask her if she has any prayer needs.

  5. When she is about 6 months pregnant, start taking pictures (if she agrees) and start a baby book for her. Make an additional set of photos for LSM files.

  6. When she is about 7 months pregnant, ask her if she would like you to plan a baby shower for her. If she agrees, host the shower at your church (or at your home or at the LifeHouse, if you prefer). Inform LSM leadership when a shower is being planned.

  7. Ask if she would like you to help with her birth as a coach, photographer, or support person.

  8. Arrange for meals for 10 days after the baby's birth.

  9. Encourage her to arrange with your pastor for a baby dedication ceremony or baptism.

Get involved!

If you have any questions about starting an Elizabeth League group, please contact Tim or Terri Palmquist of LifeSavers Ministries at (661) 323-BABY.

For more information, read Tim Palmquist's new book Transforming the Gates of Hell into the Gates of Heaven, available from LSM.
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