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Teresa and Moses, saved from abortion
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The Elizabeth League

Guidelines for "Elizabeth League" church-based ministry teams
The Elizabeth League
The Elizabeth League
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  1. The group should consist of two or more people who share a concern for the babies and for their mothers. The group leader should seek to identify an apprentice who may lead the group in the leader's absence.

  2. The group leader will be considered to be a LifeSavers Ministries volunteer, and must agree to follow guidelines established by LSM.

  3. Each Elizabeth League group sets its own limits (for example, if the group determines that it can only minister to one woman at a time, LSM leadership will seek to respect the limits set by the group). If the group determines that it can no longer minister to a particular individual, the group must inform LSM leadership.

  4. Every time you talk to a client who has been assigned to your group, ask if there is anything you can pray for her about.

  5. Every time your "Elizabeth League" group meets, pray for your assigned client, and for any current needs mentioned in the LSM Weekly Ministry Focus.

  6. As your group becomes aware of the client's specific needs, look for someone within your church who has personal experience in honoring Christ with their behavior in similar situations. Ask this individual to pray for the client, even if the individual is not a part of the group.

  7. Commit to offer godly counsel which remains faithful to Biblical standards and the standards of your church and LSM.

  8. Group meetings should preferably include a Bible-based devotional or study relevant to the needs of pregnant women and their babies. (LSM Weekly Ministry Focus newsletters include appropriate scriptures to study, and LSM leadership can provide additional guidance upon request.)

  9. When the client has specific needs (such as baby clothes), invite others outside your group to help (unless the client does not want you to do so).

  10. Always communicate with LSM leadership regarding any important issues the client is facing, such as: contemplating abortion, miscarriage, other health problems, relationship problems, birth, and any needs which cannot be met within your group or church.

  11. Communicate private or sensitive information only to your trusted group members and LSM leadership.

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If you have any questions about starting an Elizabeth League group, please contact Tim or Terri Palmquist of LifeSavers Ministries at (661) 323-BABY.

For more information, read Tim Palmquist's new book Transforming the Gates of Hell into the Gates of Heaven, available from LSM.
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