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Weekly Ministry Focus

Volume 1, Number 6 February 7, 2000
Weekly Ministry Focus
Arvin woman keeps baby, seeks housing

"Confronted by my conscience": High school student reports on volunteering with LifeSavers
Last Monday was a slow day at the abortion chamber, but Tuesday was very busy. Here are a few selected reports from last week's ministry:

"Roderica," 32, came to the abortion chamber on Monday to abort her fourth child. She was 13 weeks pregnant.  Rosa convinced her to go home. But she returned on Tuesday, having rescheduled the abortion. Although Roderica speaks only Spanish, Terri was able to communicate with her, because of the assistance of Amparo and Sammy, who had happened to stop by the LifeHouse. (In addition to helping with interpretation, Sammy shared how LSM had helped his ex-girlfriend a few years ago.) Terri brought Roderica to the LifeHouse to see the Harder Truth video. Roderica said she believed in God, but didn't have any church background. Terri gave her a Spanish version of the "Hope for the Future" crisis pregnancy Bible. Roderica said she needed a place to live for herself and her three children (ages 8 to 16). She currently lives with her mother and stepfather, but she said that her stepfather is abusive. She would like to remain in Arvin so that her children can stay in the same school. Tim contacted some churches in the Arvin area who are looking into the availability of affordable housing (Roderica can only afford about $210 per month). As of Sunday night, Roderica said she feels good about the baby. She even shared with Terri that she had dreamed the night before that she gave birth to a beautiful baby. She has also found some good information on affordable housing in Arvin.

"Olivia" came in for an abortion because she had become pregnant while she was on Depo-Provera (the so-called "birth control shot") and was concerned that the baby could be deformed. She was accompanied by a couple from a local Nazarene church, who defended her decision to abort the child. Terri and Tim contacted a youth pastor at the church; meanwhile, Olivia and her friends left the abortion chamber to get some paperwork.  The youth pastor asked Terri to call him if they returned.  Terri never saw them again.

On Monday, a pickup truck stopped in the abortion chamber parking lot.  A woman in the truck was looking at the pro-life signs on the sidewalk.  Jose gave her literature, and she told Jose that she changed her mind about having an abortion.

Scripture Focus : Psalm 139:17-24

     How precious to me are your thoughts, O God!
          How vast is the sum of them!
     Were I to count them,
          they would outnumber the grains of sand.
     When I awake,
          I am still with you.
     If only you would slay the wicked, O God!
          Away from me, you bloodthirsty men!
     They speak of you with evil intent;
          your adversaries misuse your name.
     Do I not hate those who hate you, O Lord,
          and abhor those who rise up against you?
     I have nothing but hatred for them;
          I count them my enemies.
     Search me, O God, and know my heart;
          test me and know my anxious thoughts.
     See if there is any offensive way in me,
          and lead me in the way everlasting.
 Pray for each preborn child entering the
abortion chamber, recognizing God's intense
concern for each individual.  Ask God to
vindicate the cause of the children who have
been slain, and ask that true justice against
the participants in the abortion holocaust
would no longer be delayed.  Ask God to
search and know your own heart, and to lead
you as you serve Him.  Whenever your mind
wanders, and you are tempted to engage in
idle conversation, please direct your mind
back to meditating upon this scripture.

Prayer Focus

  Ask God to help each sidewalk counselor to
submit themselves completely to God, so that
He can purge any offensive ways from them,
enabling them to be fully effective and
unencumbered as they minister.
  Pray for Stephanie, manager of the abortion
chamber.  Ask God to break through the hard
heart she may have developed after her many
years at the abortion chamber.
  Pray for "Olivia" (see report above) to
keep her baby, in spite of her fears about
Depo-Provera.  Ask God to protect the health
of her baby.
  As vehicles drive by the abortion chamber,
pray for those inside the vehicles, whether
or not they seem to have been headed for the
abortion chamber.  Ask God to soften their
hearts and to help them to surrender to Him.

"Confronted by my conscience":
High school student reports on
volunteering with LifeSavers

(The following article was written by
Ridgeview High School student Angela
Serrano, after she volunteered with
LifeSavers Ministries as part of a class

     I chose to volunteer for LifeSavers
Ministries.  They try to prevent women from
having abortions and help the women who
choose to keep their babies.  It is a
non-profit, non-denominational organization. 
I believe abortion is wrong because whether
it was God's intention or not, the baby has
life and God has a plan for that life. 
Today I spent four hours with Terri
Palmquist.  This was an overwhelming
experience for me.  I know a couple girls
who have had abortions and I felt sorry for
them, but that was about the extent of my
thoughts on abortion.  Today, however, I was
confronted by my conscience with the
question of what I really believe and why. 
I understand I was supposed to do this
assignment to get a better understanding
of interest groups and how they work.  I did
accomplish that, but my mind was also opened
to a different world.

     The main goals of LifeSavers:
     1.   To share the hope of the gospel
with women and their families who are dealing
with unwanted or problem pregnancies.
     2.   To educate these women about
pregnancy and fetal development so they can
make the best decisions about themselves and
their babies.
     3.   To disciple those who become
believers in our Lord Jesus and help them
become established in a local fellowship.
     4.   To befriend women who want help and
encourage them throughout their pregnancy and
     5.   To share the reality of God's
judgment and the hope of the gospel with
abortion chamber staff.

     I think they have reached their goal,
even if only one girl changes her mind, they
have still reached their goal.  Their ultimate goal is to end the right to have an abortion. 
I don't believe they will ever reach this goal
because the United States prides itself on its
many freedoms.  Also many people believe until
a baby is born, it isn't a baby.  So they have
no problems getting rid of it before birth.
     As I said before my experience there was
overwhelming.  The walls were covered in
dozens of posters; all of them had cute baby
pictures, abstinence advertisements, abortion
alternatives, and what the Bible says about
life.  When I got there Terri introduced
herself to me and to a woman who was waiting
for the results of her pregnancy test.  This
is the part I wasn't used to.  LifeSavers give
free pregnancy tests and only three women,
who were all unmarried, came in while I was
there.  This was unusual to me because the
women, thinking I worked there, spoke freely
about their personal lives.  Terri asked what
they planned to do if they were pregnant, how
the boyfriend felt about it and if they went
to church.  I think it's great she asked, it
is her job, but I would have a hard time.  My
first job was to sort through donated baby
clothes, then I stamped LifeSavers address on
some pamphlets, and I did a couple odd jobs
for Terri.
     LifeSavers also picket the abortion
clinic, which is just a little up the street. 
They have this location in order to influence
women who may change their mind at the last
minute.  Terri showed me around the house. 
There were two rooms that caught my attention
more than the others.  First was the storage
room, aside from baby things, like a crib,
there were tons of posters for picketing. 
There was one that I turned so it wouldn't
face me; it was a picture of the remains of a
baby after abortion.  The others were not so
bad; they had some creative phrases and
innocent baby pictures.  There were the two
rooms that were used for women who had no
place to stay.  I was really surprised to see
them because I didn't know they were more
than passionate picketers.  Actually I knew
they cared, but to give someone a place to
stay is beyond just being pro-life.
     I'm glad Terri was so nice to find some
work for me and my experience there is one I
won't forget.  I admire Terri and her husband
Tim and all the volunteers for standing
against what they believe is wrong.  I know
a lot of people agree with them, but not a
lot are willing to dedicate so much time.

This week's schedule
[If you are unable to be physically involved
in this ministry, please use this schedule
to help you pray for those who are on the
front lines.]

Monday, Feb. 7
Colleen           8 - 1030
Jose              8 - 10
Carlotta       9:15 - 11:15
Susan          8:30 - 10:30
Rosa?            10 - 12
Mary Ann         10 - 3
Terri         10:30 - 5?
Mike?            12 - 1
St.  Joseph's  1:30 - 2

Tuesday, Feb. 8
Lewis          7:30 - 9:30
Carlotta       7:30 - 9:30
Jose              8 - 10
Albert           10 - 12
Ione             10 - 12
Fr. James        10 - 12
Terri         10:30 - 5
Mike?            12 - 1

Next week's schedule

Monday, Feb.  14
Colleen           8 - 10:30
Jose              8 - 10
Rosa?            10 - 12
Mary Ann         10 - 3
Terri         10:30 - 5?
Mike?           12? - 1
St.  Joseph's  1:30 - 2

Tuesday, Feb.  15
Vince             7 - 9
Lewis          7:30 - 9:30
Carlotta?      7:30 - 9:30
Jose              8 - 10
Albert           10 - 12
Ione             10 - 12
Fr. James        10 - 12
Mike?            12 - 1
Rebecca          12 - 3
Terri          2:30 - 5
We need help     12 - 3

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