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Weekly Ministry Focus

Volume 1, Number 4 January 24, 2000
Weekly Ministry Focus
Young mother seeks couple to adopt her baby

Stormy weather did not prevent sidewalk counselors from ministering last Monday and Tuesday outside the Bakersfield abortion chamber.  Here are a few selected reports from last week's ministry:

"Margaret," 20, came to the LifeHouse for information on adoption.  She is pregnant with her third child, but she said that she is unable to properly care for another child.  She is hoping to find a couple ("preferably white and Baptist") interested in open adoption.  Terri gave her the names and phone numbers of several couples seeking a baby, and Tim helped her research some adoption facilitators on the internet.

"Lourdes," 32, came to the abortion chamber for a pregnancy test, intending to abort her baby if she was pregnant (even though her pastor had counseled her against it).  She has had some mental health problems in the past.  Mary Ann brought her to the LifeHouse for the test, which was positive.  Mary Ann then provided her with literature about fetal development and the risks of abortion, and showed her the "Harder Truth" video about abortion.  "Lourdes" couldn't even watch all of it.

She decided not to abort her baby.

"Martina" and her boyfriend came to the abortion chamber for an abortion.  She is from Shafter, and has three-month old twins (who are sick) and an 18-month old.  As "Martina" walked to the waiting room, Terri told her that she would be praying for her, and gave her literature on fetal development.  Five minutes later, she came out, and said she was too late.  Terri gave her a baby gift, and brought her to the LifeHouse.  Terri is continuing to follow up with her, because she does not yet seem to be determined to give birth to her baby.  (As of Sunday night, she has not rescheduled the abortion.  However, she said that she may be miscarrying, so she will contact a doctor on Monday.)

"Sharon" (see Weekly Ministry Focus #2) is keeping her baby.  Her pastor contacted her to help (after Terri called him), instead of reacting defensively about his church's pro-life stand, as some churches have done in the past.

Scripture Focus : Psalm 33:10-22
The Lord foils the plans of the nations;
     he thwarts the purposes of the peoples.
But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever,
     the purposes of his heart through all generations.
Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
     the people he chose for his inheritance.
From heaven the Lord looks down
     and sees all mankind;
from his dwelling place he watches
     all who live on earth --
he who forms the hearts of all,
     who considers everything they do.
No king is saved by the size of his army;
     no warrior escapes by his great strength.
A horse is a vain hope for deliverance;
     despite all its great strength it cannot save.
But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear him,
     on those whose hope is in his unfailing love,
to deliver them from death
     and keep them alive in famine.
We wait in hope for the Lord;
     he is our help and our shield.
In him our hearts rejoice,
     for we trust in his holy name.
May your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord,
     even as we put our hope in you.

Express your trust and hope to the Lord in prayer, in spite of the circumstances which might cause you to despair.  Whenever your mind wanders, and you are tempted to engage in idle conversation, please direct your mind back to meditating upon this scripture.

Prayer Focus
  • Pray for each sidewalk counselor by name, asking God to help them trust in His strength, not in their own.
  • Pray that the words and pictures on each pro-life sign displayed outside the abortion chamber today would touch the hearts of women who are entering.
  • Pray for Michael, the security guard.  Ask God to continue to thwart his purposes, and to convict him.
  • Pray for the pro-lifers who are gathering in our nation's capitol and throughout the nation this week.  Ask God to give them strength and to guide them into His paths.
  • Pray for local pastors and church leaders, as the white crosses outside churches are taken down.  Ask God to show them that their job is not done.
  • Pray for the health of "Martina" and her children (see report above).

Talk show host Inga Barks speaks up for children's lives

Inga Barks, host of the "Inga Barks Show" on KERN (1410 AM) likes to talk. Although KERN is not a Christian radio station, Inga is an outspoken Christian. Even as she discusses various political issues, Inga often stresses the primary importance of the gospel.

A mother of three children, Inga regularly focuses on protecting children, especially the unborn. As she emphasizes the gospel, Inga sometimes find it necessary to explain to her listeners that the methods of some Christians are not Biblical. She has sometimes even criticized pro-life activists.

In spite of their differences with Inga, Terri and Tim Palmquist, leaders of LifeSavers Ministries, encourage all pro-life Christians to continue to support her radio program.

To share your views on the air during her show, call 326-1410 or 1-800-640-KERN.  In the meantime, please be praying that God will continue to help Inga to know what He wants her to say, and that she will continue to have the courage to stand for the truth, even if it may be frowned upon by the management of KERN.

This week's schedule

If you are unable to be physically involved in this ministry, please use this schedule to help you pray for those who are on the front lines.

Monday, Jan. 24
                    Colleen        8 -  10:30
                    Jose           8 -  10
                    Susan        8:30 - 10:30
                    Rosa?         10 -  12
                    Mary Ann      10 -  3
    Amber      10:30 -  12
                    Terri      10:30 -  5?
                    Mike?         12 -  1

Tuesday, Jan. 25
    Vince          7 -  9
                    Lewis       7:30 -  9:30
                    Carlotta?   7:30 -  9:30
                    Jose           8 -  10
                    Albert        10 -  12
                    Ione          10 -  12
                    Fr. James     10 -  12
                    Terri      10:30 -  5
                    Monica?       11 -  3
                    Rebecca       11 -  5
                    Mike?         12 -  1
                    Shannon       12 -  5

Next week's schedule

Monday, Jan. 31
                    Colleen        8 -  10:30
                    Jose           8 -  10
                    Carlotta?   9:15 -  11:15
                    Rosa?         10 -  12
                    Terri      10:30 -  5?
                    Mike?        12? -  1
          We need help           12 -   4
Tuesday, Feb. 1
                    Lewis       7:30 -  9:30
                    Carlotta?   7:30 -  9:30
                    Jose           8 -  10
                    Albert        10 -  12
                    Ione          10 -  12
                    Fr. James     10 -  12
                    Terri       10:30 - 5
                    Monica?       11 -  3
                    Mike          12 -  1
           We need help         9:30 -   10
           We need help            3 -   5

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