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Weekly Ministry Focus

Volume 6, Number 4
April 10, 2006

Weekly Ministry Focus
Babies saved by medical card problems
Hall Ambulance transports body of woman from Bakersfield's abortion chamber

The body of a woman who was apparently injured by abortion inside Bakersfield's Family Planning Associates abortion chamber April 4 was transported by Hall Ambulance to the emergency room at San Joaquin Community Hospital, a block away from the killing center.

Christians stood outside the Family Planning Associates abortion chamber in Bakersfield last Monday and Tuesday warning women of the dangers lurking inside. Most of the women ignored their warnings, facing a lifetime of regret. At least one woman apparently experienced serious physical injury, as evidenced by the ambulance which took her body away.

Abortionist Robert Smith from Glendale traveled to Bakersfield to exploit these women, earning thousands of dollars in the process. But at least four of his intended victims (possibly eight or more) changed their minds after they encountered the Christians on the sidewalks. Several women seemed to have trouble with having their medical cards approved, giving the Christians more time to talk to them.

Here are some of the stories of the women who escaped from the abortionist's trap last week:

On her way to her abortion appointment, 19-year-old "Bikita" prayed "God, if you don't want me to have this abortion, don't let my medical card go through." When the abortion business office informed her that her card had failed, Bikita came out to the sidewalk to talk to Terri*.

Terri gave Bikita a baby gift and asked her if she wanted to see a video about abortion. Bikita asked "Is it really formed? They said that it is just 'tissue.'"

Watching the video, Bikita began to realize that her 10 week baby already had arms and legs and a functioning heart and brain. Noticing that Bikita had "R.I.P." written on her hand, Terri asked "what is that?"

"Oh, that was for my baby," Bikita responded, "at least I don't have to do that now."

While Terri was talking to Bikita, "Dulcina" came out of the abortion business because her medical card had also failed. When Terri began to show the video to Bikita, Dulcina asked if she could watch too.

Dulcina had intended to abort her fourth child because she thought the baby would be too close to her one-year-old baby, but after she watched the video and realized that the 12-week-old baby in her womb is already so well-developed, she decided to let her baby live.

Dulcina also needs a place to stay. She currently lives with her mother and her boyfriend. Terri gave her a baby gift, including a "Hope for the Future" Bible designed to provide encouragement during a difficult pregnancy.

"Korrie," 19, attends a local Calvary Chapel, and has often convinced other girls not to abort their babies. But when Korrie became pregnant, her mother convinced her to schedule an abortion, emphasizing that Korrie needs to go to college. "I don't want you to mess up your life," Korrie's mother told her.

The night before her abortion appointment, Korrie read "before I formed you in the womb I knew you" out of Psalm 139. As she sat inside the abortion building filling out papers, she couldn't get this scripture out of her mind. She had even brought her Bible with her to the abortion appointment.

Korrie couldn't finish filling out the abortion papers, because they became soaked up with her tears. "I'm such a hypocrite! I can't do this," Korrie told herself.

She hurried away from the abortion building, but stopped at the LifeHouse to pray with Terri and Rhonda. "I wish my mom had tried to protect me," Korrie cried. Terri encouraged Korrie by telling her about the new St. Gianna's Maternity Home which will open soon across the street from Bakersfield College.

As Korrie left, she assured Terri that she would let the 12 week baby in her womb continue to live.

"Vicki" was referred to the abortion chamber by Dr. Fok because he said that the baby in her womb "wasn't growing right." As she approached the abortion chamber, Tim* stood on the sidewalk offering her literature.

"I'm not here for an abortion," Vicki assured Tim, "just for an ultrasound." But eventually Vicki admitted that her doctor told her that she needed to abort her baby. Tim encouraged Vicki to get a second opinion, telling her about other women who had been pressured to abort by Dr. Fok, but they are glad today that their babies are alive and well.

"I'll get a second opinion inside here," Vicki responded. But Tim explained that the abortionist would only be interested in killing her baby, not diagnosing the baby's condition.

Tim prayed with Vicki before she went upstairs. "I promise I'll come out and talk to you after the ultrasound," Vicki assured Tim.

A little over an hour later, Vicki came out of the abortion business in tears. "I asked them if they could tell me whether or not my baby was ok, but they said 'we don't do that,'" Vicki cried. "All they would tell me is that my baby is 18 to 22 weeks old and that the abortion will cost $1050." Vicki told Tim and Terri that she has experienced four miscarriages and has no other children. "I want this baby, but I don't want it to be deformed."

Vicki was locked out of her car, so she had to call someone to unlock her door. Meanwhile, Terri and Tim had more time to talk to her, and to call doctors seeking a second opinion. Terri finally found a doctor who agreed to see Vicki (though his staff seemed more interested in Vicki's insurance than in the condition of her baby), but the earliest appointment the doctor could offer was a month away. Vicki didn't seem to mind waiting a month for a second opinion. Terri gave Vicki a baby gift, and Vicki gave Terri her phone numbers so that Terri could keep in contact.

Later that afternoon, Vicki returned to the abortion chamber, but she wouldn't talk to Terri. Vicki's mother just waved her hand instead of responding to Terri. Terri tried to call Vicki using the phone numbers she had provided, but Vicki wouldn't answer. Inside the abortion chamber, Vicki was having laminaria inserted to dilate her cervix so that her baby could be aborted on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning, Vicki's husband went to a priest, asking him if he could perform last rites on his baby before the abortion. The priest agreed to do so, if the abortion chamber would permit him inside. Vicki's husband brought his request to the abortion business, but they refused. He cried as he walked by Tim on the sidewalk, emphasizing how much he wanted this baby. He said that Vicki's parents had pressured her to go through with the abortion.

When Vicki left the abortion chamber Tuesday afternoon, Terri gave her a post-abortion gift and gave her husband a hug, saying "I'm sorry."

*LSM team member
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