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Weekly Ministry Focus

Volume 6, Number 2
March 22, 2006

Weekly Ministry Focus
Daring couple's long drive ends in life

Recorder forcibly taken by BPD officer
Recorder stolen by police officer

Pounded by the wind and rain throughout recent storms, Christians refused to stop offering free help and Christ's love to women seeking abortions. Abortionist Kenneth Wright traveled from Fresno to carry on his tradition of over three decades of exploiting women and killing innocent children for financial gain.

Recent oppression against this ministry by Bakersfield law enforcement officials delayed the release of this report of children saved during a recent week, but the stories of women and children saved from abortion are still current, because these children are still living in their mothers wombs, having survived their scheduled execution dates.

Pray with us for God's continued protection from all who would seek to stop us, as you praise God with us for these lives saved:

"Fernando" and "Miranda" arrived at the FPA abortion chamber undressed, apparently reluctant to put on their clothes after completing their drive of over two hours from their Santa Barbara County homes. Tim* waited patiently on the sidewalk, trying to ignore the couple's obvious indiscretion so that he could concentrate on helping the couple to save the child in Miranda's womb.

For several minutes after they parked, the couple focused on clothing themselves. Finally, Fernando opened his door, as Miranda finished getting ready. Tim offered literature to Fernando, but he refused to accept it, responding "I don't want to have kids until I can give them everything they want."

"A child who has everything he wants becomes a brat," Tim responded, "but what your child really needs is love from his father and mother. God has a plan for you and for this baby, but abortion is the devil's plan. This is your opportunity to be the man that God created you to be and save your child."

As Tim talked to Fernando, Maria approached the other side of the car to offer a baby gift to Miranda (baby gifts prepared by LSM include baby booties and other baby items and a "Hope for the Future" Bible, designed for women experiencing crisis pregnancies). When Miranda began looking at the baby gift, Fernando got back in the car.

Tim asked his wife Terri* to try to talk to the couple. Terri offered to show them a six minute video which documents the violence of abortion to women and children. Terri reached toward the car with a portable DVD player, as Miranda stepped out of the car to take it. She then sat back in the car to watch the gruesome video with Fernando.

After the video ended, the couple continued to discuss their situation as they sat in the car for about 15 more minutes. Terri waited on the sidewalk, asking God to change the couple's hearts and hoping that they would return the DVD player. Terri noticed Miranda looking at a LifeHouse pamphlet Terri had given her with the DVD player, then she saw Miranda pick up a cell phone and dial a number.

Just then Terri's phone rang. Terri walked a few steps away, trying to avoid letting Miranda see who she was calling.

When Terri answered the phone, Miranda said "I hear that you offer help to pregnant women. What kind of help to you offer?"

Terri began to explain how LifeSavers Ministries helps pregnant women, but when Miranda recognized Terri's voice, she hung up in embarrassment.

As Fernando finally handed the DVD player back to Terri, she said "you saw what happens during an abortion -- do you really want that to happen to your baby?"

"Yeah, I do," Fernando stubbornly insisted.

When Miranda heard Fernando's response, she looked at him in disbelief. "It seemed like she was saying to herself, 'this guy is really being a jerk,'" Terri later reflected.

"I'm not ready for a kid," Fernando claimed, "I'm not making enough money."

Terri encouraged Fernando to trust in God to provide for this child, sharing her experiences in receiving God's provision for her eleven children through very difficult times. "But I don't want my kid looking like you guys out here," Fernando mockingly responded.

Fernando was distracted by a phone call, giving Terri an opportunity for a personal conversation with Miranda. "Don't let him pressure you into this," Terri pleaded.

Miranda sat on the curb next to Terri, trying to convince Terri that Fernando had her best interest at heart. "He was happy at first when I told him I was pregnant, but then he started getting scared," she explained. "He has to pay a lot of bills, like his car and his motorcycle.

"I know he really loves me. We have been together a long time," Miranda emphasized. "Over four months!"

Although Miranda still wanted to please her boyfriend, she began to realize that she should not sacrifice her child for him. "I'm not going through with this abortion now, even if he wants me to," Miranda assured Terri. But is there a way for me to make it so that he is not forced to pay child support?"

Ending his phone call, Fernando took Miranda's hand, demanding "we came here to do something, so let's do it."

"It's easy for you to want an abortion," Terri told Fernando, "but she's the one who will go through this. How can you claim to love her, but now you want to destroy the baby who was conceived when you were showing your love to her? How much can you really care about her?" Terri explained that statistics indicate that most couples break up after an abortion.

Fernando laughed in response, "that's just statistics, that's not us. Besides, I can just get another girlfriend!"

Turning again to Miranda, Fernando repeated, "we came here to do something, so let's get it done!"

Miranda and Fernando went back into the car to continue talking. After several minutes, they drove away.

Terri contacted several LifeSavers Ministries supporters who are interested in starting a new Elizabeth League group to help Miranda and others in her area. Miranda is now becoming friends with these local Christians, and she seems determined to keep her baby. However, she has also now moved in with Fernando.

"She hopes things will work out with him," Terri explained, "but she wants a backup in case he leaves her."

About a week after her trip to Bakersfield's abortion center, Miranda called to thank Terri for being there in her time of need, saying "if it wasn't for you being out there, I would have had my baby killed."

Terri replied, "thank you for listening to God, because God is the one who wants this baby."

"Adele" looked in the phonebook for an abortion business, but she when she saw LifeSavers Ministries' ad, she accidentally called LSM instead. Terri answered the phone, seeking to understand Adele's reasons for seeking to end the life of her child.

Adele explained that she had a son who was recently taken away from her because she didn't show up for a court hearing. Adele feared that the child in her womb would also be taken away from her if she allowed it to be born. Terri offered to pay for Adele to consult with an attorney to see if it was possible for her infant son to be returned to her.

Terri set up an appointment with a local Christian attorney, and then called Adele back. Terri overheard Adele telling a friend "I guess God doesn't want me to have an abortion."

Picking up Adele for her appointment with the attorney, Terri was shocked to see the satanic-oriented clothing Adele was wearing, which seemed to glorify the spirit of death while exposing Adele's body. Hearing Adele explain that her boyfriend was recently killed and her mother is dying of cancer, Terri encouraged her not to allow the spirit of death to win another victory against her.

The attorney gave Adele no hope for her son to be returned, because the court hearing she missed was over six months ago. Adele responded unemotionally "I have an appointment to get rid of this baby next Monday."

Terri began to cry, saying "God has given you another baby--it doesn't make sense that you would kill this one."

The attorney encouraged Adele to consider adoption, but she replied "I could never do that."

Terri took Adele home, saying "I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you get your baby back, but I will be here to help you through this pregnancy." Terri left a baby gift and some literature including a "Hope for the Future" Bible with Adele.

Adele didn't answer her phone for the next several days, so Terri had no further opportunities to encourage Adele to let her baby live. Terri watched for Adele on Monday, but with the confusion resulting from the police harrassment and confiscation of her voice recorder, Terri wasn't sure whether or not Adele had kept her abortion appointment.

Tuesday afternoon, Adele called Terri back, announcing "things are better now, I'm going to keep this baby."

Owing $2000 to pay for being brought to the United States from Mexico, "Flor" decided that her pregnancy would cause too many financial hardships, so she asked a friend to bring her from her tiny rural community in Tulare County to Bakersfield's abortion center. As Flor and her husband and friends approached the stairway to death, Gary stood on the sidewalk offering literature and help.

Flor didn't speak English, but her English-speaking friend listened to Gary until Tim was had the opportunity to get Esther* on the phone to speak to Flor in Spanish. Pointing out that the cost of the abortion would amount to about 1/6 of Flor's debt, Gary said "she will be going the wrong direction financially if she goes through with the abortion."

After a long phone conversation with Flor, Esther asked Flor to wait for a few minutes until she could drive to the abortion chamber to help Flor in person.

When Esther arrived, a priest had also come out to pray outside the death camp, so Esther and the priest brought Flor and her husband and friends to the LifeHouse to talk in more detail about her situation. Flor needs money not only to pay her debt, but also to support her children in Mexico who are under the care of her mother.

The Wasco Elizabeth League group will be helping Flor throughout her pregnancy, until an Elizabeth League group can be established in a community closer to Flor's town.

Pregnant from a man who is not her husband, "Cassie" decided to abort the baby even though her husband encouraged her to keep the baby. As they entered the abortion chamber, the couple tried to ignore the Christians standing in the rain on the sidewalks, but their words "God has a plan for you and for your baby" cut deep into her heart. When Cassie was brought into a back room to sign the abortion papers, she was repulsed by the horror of what she was about to do, exclaiming to herself "this is awful!"

Coming down the stairs, Cassie walked over to Terri on the sidewalk, saying "Thank you! I'm a Christian too, and I wanted you to know that it did help for you to be out here today."

"Well, I appreciate that," Terri confessed, "because sometimes I stand out there in the rain saying 'why am I doing this?' If it was just for your baby, that's enough."

Terri arranged for Cassie to have a free ultrasound at the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center. When Cassie learned that she is pregnant with a girl, she was thrilled because all of her other children are boys.

"I made a mistake, but we can work it out," Cassie assured Terri.

"Keep your faith in God, because that is what will help you through this," Terri responded.

Turning to Cassie's husband, Terri said "you're a real man," commending him for encouraging Cassie to keep the child even though he is not the father.

*LSM team member
Scripture Focus: Isaiah 5:20-25

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes,
And prudent in their own sight!
Woe to men mighty at drinking wine,
Woe to men valiant for mixing intoxicating drink,
Who justify the wicked for a bribe,
And take away justice from the righteous man!
Therefore, as the fire devours the stubble,
And the flame consumes the chaff,
So their root will be as rottenness,
And their blossom will ascend like dust;
Because they have rejected the law of the LORD of hosts,
And despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.
Therefore the anger of the LORD is aroused against His people;
He has stretched out His hand against them
And stricken them,
And the hills trembled.
Their carcasses were as refuse in the midst of the streets.

Pray that local law enforcement authorities will begin standing for justice for all before God's anger is unleashed against them.

Prayer Focus
  • Holy Spirit, grant your peace and protection to Terri Palmquist and her family as she awaits news of the next series of bogus charges she may face.
  • Soften the heart of Sgt. Roark and the other BPD officers who have displayed a personal vendetta against this ministry, bringing them to your throne for repentance.
  • We break off any assignment of death against "Adele" and her family, proclaiming before you that the life of this new innocent child will lead Adele to begin allowing the Lord of Life to reign in her life.
  • Continue to expose the truth of women who are being killed and injured by abortionists every day in our nation. Grant boldness to the families of the deceased victims so that they may save other women's lives by openly proclaiming the harm their loved ones suffered
Bound 4 Life prayer covenant
Jesus, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of this nation. God, end abortion and send revival to America.

BPD Sgt. Roark, after committing theft and battery against Terri Palmquist

Officer commits theft and battery, then threatens prosecution against ministry leader

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