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Weekly Ministry Focus

Students for the Silent
Students for the Silent intercede for children outside Bakersfield's abortion chamber

Students for the Silent intercede for children outside Bakersfield's abortion chamber.

A new high school and college pro-life group is starting in Bakersfield, California. "Students for the Silent" is a non-denominational group focused on bringing students together to help save the 4,000 unborn babies who die each day in the United States.

"Our job is to educate fellow colleagues about abortion and its adverse effects on women and the unborn children," explained Michaela Beard, one of the organizers of Students for the Silent. "By helping our community pro-life sector grow and flourish, we are able to reach out to those who are most in need."

To get involved in Students for the Silent, send a message to or call Michaela at (661) 588-4753 or Bennett at (661) 324-0337.

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