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Weekly Ministry Focus

"Prayer of Jabez" leads to influential position over death centers
Inez, FPA abortion nurse supervisor
Inez, FPA abortion nurse supervisor

When multimillionaire abortionist Edward Allred searched for someone to supervise the nurse practitioners who run his blood-money-saturated abortion mills, he may not have realized that his choice would be considered to be an answer to prayer.

In the quiet village of Solvang, a silver-haired woman named Inez had placed a copy of the "prayer of Jabez" (1 Chronicles 4:9-10) in her wallet, regularly asking God to "enlarge her territory." After 14 years of retirement, Inez was surprised by what happened next.

"I didn't think when I prayed for that I was gonna end up back at work all over, I thought I would be just in my little area there in Solvang," Inez explained last Tuesday as she stood in the parking lot of Allred's FPA abortion chamber in Bakersfield.

As Terri Palmquist stood outside the FPA killing center intervening for the lives of the children last Tuesday morning, Terri became burdened for Inez' soul and asked her to talk for a few minutes. Terri had spoken to Inez' male companion as they entered on Monday, and he had responded by quoting from Proverbs 3:5-6, "lean not on your own understanding."

Walking to the edge of the sidewalk to speak to Terri, Inez said "I have real empathy and respect for you, sticking to your commitment."

As supervisor over all of the FPA nurse practitioners, Inez explained "I pretty much get into every area" of the abortion business. "If you were in my shoes, you would see what a blessing we're doing to a lot of these mothers. God has put me here."

Terri responded, "abortion won't solve these women's problems--that is why we try to lead them to the Lord."

"That is so admirable," Inez interjected, "but 99 out of 100 of these women are incompetent mothers."

"Is God the creator of these babies' lives or not?" Terri asked.

"Sure," Inez admitted. "But if it's a baby, if it has a soul, you know where it goes. I was brought up in the Evangelical Free church, which is a lot like Baptists. Right now I'm in an Episcopal church, and God has put me there too because there are a lot of Episcopalians that need to realize you've got to be 'born again.'"

Terri asked Inez, "You have seen what happens to the babies, right?

"Of course," Inez said, "but have you ever seen what has happened to a two or three year old that's been beaten up? There's no place in the Bible that says that abortion is wrong."

"What about the 'shedding of innocent blood?'" Terri asked.

Inez said that she identifies "innocent blood" with what is happening in Iraq, not with abortion.

As Inez walked away toward security guard Teresa Avlos, Terri mentioned the fact that Avlos had just ripped up some literature Terri had been offering to a woman. "I would too," Inez said, giving Avlos a hug. The security guard, a Catholic, says she has her priest's permission to work at FPA. Terri confirmed this fact in a conversation with Avlos' priest (although granting such "permission" conflicts with official Church teaching).

Avlos informed Inez that a woman had brought literature inside the abortion chamber's waiting room the previous day, trying to reach a friend who was inside. "You should be arrested for that!" Inez chided Terri.

"Is there something wrong with our literature?" Terri inquired. "Can you look at it and see if it's not the truth?

"That cross around your neck is holding you more and more accountable for every baby who has been killed here," Terri called out to Inez as she entered the abortion chamber.

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