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Weekly Ministry Focus

February 4, 2004
First "Elizabeth League" baby born

Last week, as we hurried to bring our son Micah to a church meeting, we received a call from Dianne, the leader of an Elizabeth League group, encouraging us to pray for their assigned client, "Irene." (As you may know, the Elizabeth League is our new effort to establish church-based groups which strive to
support and encourage vulnerable women throughout their pregnancies. We had assigned Irene to this group in September, after Irene decided not to abort her baby.) Dianne explained that when she called Irene's home, she was told that the baby had been born three months early.

Although I only had a few minutes available, I somehow sensed that this was particularly urgent. We rushed to the hospital, finding Irene in a labor and delivery room, still pregnant. Her water had broken four days earlier. She was in a lot of pain from the Pitocin-induced labor contractions, but after all this time she had only dilated to 1 centimeter.

Dianne and I began praying for Irene. Dianne specifically prayed that God would make the labor go fast, and that she would have a healthy baby. During the prayer, Irene became even more agitated. I told the nurse, who shrugged and said "oh, she's been like that for days. Not much is going on. I'll be there in a few minutes to check on her."

The nurse checked Irene, discovering that she was fully dilated. "Don't you push!" she exclaimed as she ran to alert the doctor. Irene tried really hard not to push, but the baby ended up coming out quickly. A little baby girl weighing 2 pounds, 14 ounces arrived screaming and crying. She is breathing on her own and seems to be doing well.

God truly answered our prayers! After just fifteen minutes or so in the hospital, Dianne and I left, thanking God for bringing Irene and her baby safely through labor.

Thank you for helping us to be there for Irene and her baby. If we hadn't been there to help Irene when she planned to abort her baby, this little girl would have been killed. Although God has given me the privilege of being at many births over the years, this was our first "Elizabeth League" baby. Through the Elizabeth League, Dianne's church (and through the church, thousands of others) prayed for this precious mother and child. We look forward to seeing God continue to work in their lives - and in the lives of many other Elizabeth League clients - in the days ahead.

In His service for Life,
Terri Palmquist