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February 16, 2004
Please pray for baby diagnosed with Trisomy 13
NOTE: The following message was received from our LifeHouse site today.

Please I am asking for you to pray for my unborn baby. She has been diagnosed with Trisomy 13 and has other defects that go along with this. The doctors suggested we terminate the pregnacy because they said it is fatal and nothing can be done. My husband was leaning that way because we lost a son 4 years ago because of a knot in the umbilical cord and I had to deliver knowing he was gone. That was a terrible thing to go through and my husband thought that termination now would be better. I prayed to God for a miracle, that my baby would be healed and would be ok. I felt that we had no right to terminate this baby without giving her a chance and after asking God for a miracle. We are not going to terminate and I feel at peace with this decision. I would still appreciate all the prayers we can get and really felt inspiration from the stories I read on your web site. Please keep us in your prayers.

God Bless You

(This mother's name is not being published at this time, but if you wish to communicate with her, we would be glad to relay any messages and/or prayers to her.)

Our reply to this desperate mother is below:

Dear [name withheld],

Thank you for giving us the privilege of praying for you and your baby. We're so sorry to hear about the Trisomy 13 diagnosis, but we have seen God work miracles in the past and we know that the One who created your child is able to heal your child. We also know that His ways are not our ways, and that sometimes He allows tragedy to enter our lives, because He knows how somehow that tragedy will be used to bring glory to Him.

I hope you find a doctor who will whole-heartedly support your decision not to abort your baby. As we have found from our own past personal experience (see the "Baby Lino" article mentioned below), today's doctors often have a tragic predisposition toward precipitating the death of any "defective" babies (even if they know that the baby's parents want the child to live). No matter what your baby's condition is, you want your doctor to provide the best level of care possible, so be sure that your doctor is absolutely committed to protecting your child's life, even if your child isn't "perfect."

As you apparently know, Trisomy 13 is not universally fatal, in spite of what doctors may claim. For more information, look at the website for SOFT, the "Support Organization for Trisomy...." (see link below).

Even if your child dies, participating in a perinatal hospice program can help your family deal with this death in a more healthy way than if you allow medical protocol to prevail. I provide some links to perinatal hospice information below. (Look for the links below the "===" line below.)

Please keep in touch with us to let us know how things are going. You are welcome to call us anytime at 661-323-2229.

In Christ's service for those who cannot speak for themselves,
Tim Palmquist
The LifeHouse / LifeSavers Ministries, Inc.


Perinatal hospice information: (click on the picture then click on "perinatal hospice")

Support Organization for Trisomy 18, 13, etc.:
especially note the following page:
(in particular, look at the section with numbers 1, 2, and 3)

Baby Lino article: