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Weekly Ministry Focus

Volume 2, Number 15
June 27, 2001

Weekly Ministry Focus
Sixty-five children die in Bakersfield
Where is the outrage?

Kenneth Wright aborted 65 babies on Tuesday, June 26, according to a staff member of the Family Planning Associates abortion mill. But at least two children were saved from abortion through the "pregnancy evangelism" ministries on the sidewalks outside the abortion chamber and at the LifeHouse pregnancy help center across the street.

Terri* began ministering on the sidewalks at 7:30 in the morning; after 5:30 pm, when Terri finally left, many cars still remained in the parking lot. A total of ten Christians (out of over half a million people in the Bakersfield metropolitan area) took some time out of their busy day to participate in the pregnancy evangelism ministry.

As Terri talked to the mothers entering the killing center, she thought of Andrea Yates, sitting in a Texas jail awaiting her penalty for killing her five children. She challenged the women to realize that a mother's desire to kill her own child is a form of temporary insanity, and that after the abortion they would regret what they did to their own child, just as Andrea did.

One young woman who had scheduled to abort her child told Terri that she had changed her mind, and she would now keep her baby.

A 22-year old woman came with her boyfriend to the LifeHouse for a pregnancy test. The couple told Terri that they attend a large local Foursquare church. However, the woman said she would abort the baby if she finds out she is pregnant. But before she found out that her test was positive, Terri showed her and her boyfriend a video about abortion. After viewing the video, the woman said she couldn't go through with an abortion.

At the end of every abortion day, a pickup truck comes to take away a box containing the tiny mangled corpses. But this time, the truck driver was delayed inside the abortion chamber, apparently waiting for the last few bodies to be packed into containers. The abortionist left at about the same time, having washed the blood from his hands but not from his heart.

The box containing these 65 children will be delivered to a laboratory in Long Beach. To try to grasp the magnitude of this holocaust, take a glimpse at some ghastly pictures taken in this lab (available online at

Update: Over the past few weeks, Tim and Terri went through a great deal of turmoil to try to become guardians for "Ruth," 16, and her infant child. Ruth has now been reunited with her young child, as they both live with a non-Christian foster family. Ruth had been influenced to decide to abort her baby again, but thankfully she once again changed her mind. Please continue to pray that she will surrender to God.

* LifeSavers team members
Upcoming events

Tim and Terri Palmquist will speak at a dinner being held by Knights of Columbus Council #12719 on Saturday, June 30 at 6 pm. The dinner will be held at Christ the King Church, Linda Vista and Bedford Way in Oildale. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children.

Do you like pistachios?

The Knights of Columbus have provided us with pistachios to help raise funds. The pistachios are available at the LifeHouse on Mondays and Tuesdays for a suggested donation of $5 per 16 ounce bag.

'Prenatal peek' giving women second thoughts about abortion

Recent studies indicate that between 60 and 90% of women who had planned to abort their baby changed their mind after viewing a sonogram in a doctor's office.

For details on this report, and other pro-life ministry news, see

Due to time constraints, this publication has been abbreviated.

The LifeSavers Ministries Weekly Ministry Focus is published on an irregular schedule by Tim and Terri Palmquist, PMB 1911-166, Tehachapi CA 93581 ( All expenses of this publication are paid for by the Palmquists; no funds from LifeSavers Ministries are used in any way to publish or distribute the Weekly Ministry Focus. To subscribe to the Weekly Ministry Focus, contact Tim or Terri, or go to

Tim and Terri hope someday in the future (if their personal financial base becomes more stable) to resume a regular publication schedule of a complete Weekly Ministry Focus newsletter.

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