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Weekly Ministry Focus

Volume 2, Number 13
May 11, 2001

Weekly Ministry Focus

The following ministry report is from Terri Palmquist, co-chairman of LifeSavers Ministries:

When I arrived on Monday, Beth was talking to a girl on the sidewalk. Later I learned that she was going to have an abortion. When I asked her why she changed her mind She said, "I'm not sure, I guess it's because of you guys!"

On Tuesday, Jose brought a Spanish-speaking couple over to the LifeHouse with their two children and one in the womb to see the video about abortion. They were wanting an abortion because they didn't feel they could afford another child. However, after I showed them the video they couldn't imagine destroying their child like that, so they decided not to abort their baby!

On Tuesday, "Mable" brought her friend "Odella" from somewhere near Rosamond, not realizing it was for an abortion. Mable had brought her four-year-old and Odella's one-year-old. After Judith and I spoke with her about abortion, Mable had us keep an eye on the little ones while she went in to try to talk Odella out of aborting. Mable was too late; Odella was already in the back. Mable came out, upset that she had missed her opportunity to encourage Odella not to abort.

Judith told her that God could still work, because we have had women tell us that they were on the table about to be put to sleep when they changed their mind and left. "Don't give up," Judith said. About an hour later, Mable went in to see how much longer it was going to be, and they told Mable that Odella wasn't there. A couple minutes later, Odella came out, with her baby still in her womb! Mable was hugging her and beaming from ear to ear.

Prayer Focus

Pray that God will change the heart of the new unknown abortionist. (Abortionist Kenneth Wright has been gone for several weeks.)

Upcoming Events

Terri Palmquist will be speaking Saturday, May 12, in Madera, for a luncheon at Grace Community Church. For more information, go to

Due to time constraints, this publication has been abbreviated.

The LifeSavers Ministries Weekly Ministry Focus is published on an irregular schedule by Tim and Terri Palmquist, PMB 1911-166, Tehachapi CA 93581 ( All expenses of this publication are paid for by the Palmquists; no funds from LifeSavers Ministries are used in any way to publish or distribute the Weekly Ministry Focus. To subscribe to the Weekly Ministry Focus, contact Tim or Terri, or go to

Tim and Terri hope someday in the future (if our personal financial base becomes more stable) to resume a regular publication schedule of a complete Weekly Ministry Focus newsletter.

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