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Weekly Ministry Focus

Volume 2, Number 12
April 9, 2001

Weekly Ministry Focus

The following ministry report is from Terri Palmquist, co-chairman of LifeSavers Ministries:

"Mercedes" was heading into FPA on 4/4/01. She was approached by Gary. She only spoke broken English, so she wrote out the following message "I'm here to make an appointment for abortion but first I need information that who can help me because I'm worry for my baby because I have been doing drugs that's my problem but if I know my baby is ok I want to keep it. I need an ultrasound to prove it first. I'm married and I don't want my husband to know my problem. I don't got no money ok that's why I need help. If know information let me know a phone number. Thank you"

Gary led her over to the LifeHouse and we called an interpretor who helped us. We showed her the video and she and her friend were both in tears.

We made an appointment with a local doctor to do an ultrasound, but not until April 18, but she seemed ok with that. I called her today and she's still pregnant. Keep her in your prayers!

Tuesday, April 3, 2001

Beth received a call at the LifeHouse from "Aldonza", who thought she was calling the local abortion chamber. She told her she had the wrong number, but began to counsel her. By the end of her conversation, she was determined to have her baby, but is hurt that her boyfriend was shocked and wanted her to abort. She told Beth she would come to the LifeHouse the next day to see video and get information, but didn't show up. Terri called her to see why she didn't keep her appointment and she told her she's not going to abort and her boyfriend is ok with it. Today, I called her and she told me "it really gave me chills and made me change my mind when I was calling to make an appointment for an abortion that I called LifeSavers instead!" She is a Christian and her sister had had two abortions in the past and Aldonza took her to the abortion chamber for the appointments. Later, her sister turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with the loss of her babies, but then she found the Lord and became a Christian.

But even though Aldonza knew it was wrong, she didn't know what to do when she told her boyfriend she was pregnant with her fourth child (and even though he's against abortion, he told her she had to abort).

After her call to Beth, she started crying and telling her boyfriend she just couldn't do it and so he said it would be all right and she didn't have to abort. I asked if we could do anything for her, but she said everything is fine.

"Star," a young black woman, came with her boyfriend and her 9 month old baby girl to abort her baby on Monday last week. Because she couldn't bring her baby in with her, the boyfriend had to stay in car and wait. We tried to talk to her as she went in, but she just ignored us. Later, she came out with her papers on a clip board to fill out and sat in the car. I talked to the car, hoping she could hear me. Her window was cracked open a bit and after a while, to my surprise, she opened her door. I thought she was probably going to yell at me, but she said, "yeah, I'd like some information!" She told me to bring it to her, but I informed her that I couldn't be on the property! So, she got out of the car and came over to me. I was able to convince her to come on over to the LifeHouse and view the video. The security guard called them back and made them move their car over to our lot. So, the boyfriend did and she came with me. Her appointment was at 1 p.m. She stayed at the LifeHouse until 1:30, when she left after I talked my head off and showed the video (her boyfriend didn't want her to abort!), they left the LifeHouse without making a commitment for life, but they got in their car with the FPA clipboard and drove off and I never saw them come back. Pray that they never return!

On Tuesday, a man ran upstairs in his boxers, barefoot, and uncombed hair to try and save his baby. His wife came out on balcony and talked to him for a couple of minutes, they kissed and he came on down and she went on in. He informed us that they are separated, but he wanted to let her know he cares about her and the baby and would be there to help. He said she was going to come talk to us, but he had to go (probably because of his appearance!). They are backslidden Christians. She never came out to talk to us, but a couple hours later she came out without having an abortion, but her friend that was with her said she was still going to and threatened to shoot us! Pray that she doesn't come back!

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