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Volume 1, Number 44 November 6, 2000
Weekly Ministry Focus
Husband drives in circles to save his preborn baby's life

Abortions were committed last Tuesday in Bakersfield at the Family Planning Associates abortion chamber. Abortionist Kenneth Wright was apparently joined by a new abortionist who is reportedly moving to Bakersfield. At least four babies were saved from the abortionist's knife! Here are a few selected reports from last week's ministry activities:

"Remy," 19, and her husband were driving by the LifeHouse on Tuesday and noticed the "free pregnancy test" banner. Then Remy's husband noticed the large picture of an aborted baby which was outside the abortion chamber across the street. He intentionally drove by the sign a couple of times so that his wife would see it, because he knew that if she were pregnant, she intended to abort her baby. Then he brought Remy to the LifeHouse, where Terri showed them a video about abortion, and gave her a pregnancy test, which was positive. Terri gave them a baby outfit and booties. A few days later, Terri talked to Remy on the phone, and Remy reemphasized her decision to keep her baby, saying "I'm not God to take a baby." She told Terri that she still had pro-life literature which had been distributed outside her high school by LifeSavers several years ago.

A local pregnancy center referred "Millie," 37, to the LifeHouse on Monday for a pregnancy test. She attends a local Catholic church. When she saw that her test was positive, she was not happy. As Millie left, Terri* gave her a baby gift. Later that day, Millie told her husband she was pregnant (with their eighth child), and he told her to abort the baby. Millie told him to "take a hike." After a while, he came back and apologized. Most of Millie's friends are also telling her to abort, but she is determined to leave everybody, if necessary, to keep her baby.

"Lucille," 20, came to the abortion chamber on Monday with her mother and brother to abort her baby. She was referred by a rural medical clinic. Chuck (an independent volunteer) talked with Lucille at first, while Terri talked to Lucille's brother, who was wearing a shirt with a picture of Jesus on it. "I support whatever she decides," he said. Chuck had brought Patrick with him to participate in the sidewalk ministry, and due to the fact that Patrick speaks Spanish, he was able to interpret for Terri as she spoke to Lucille's mother. After talking for about 15 minutes and asking to pray with them, Terri finally convinced them to come to the LifeHouse to see a video about abortion. Patrick came along to continue interpreting. After showing the video and talking for about 20 more minutes, Lucille finally agreed not to go to the abortion chamber. Terri gave her a "Hope for the Future" Bible and a baby gift. Patrick exclaimed, "today is one of the best days of my life, to be part of saving a life!"

"Natalie," 20, called the LifeHouse on Friday, asking if she could come in with her boyfriend "Carlos" to talk about abortion. Carlos wants her to abort the baby, but Natalie was looking for a way to convince him that abortion is not a solution. They attend a local Catholic church. Terri encouraged Natalie to bring Carlos to the LifeHouse to watch a video and to talk about their situation. Natalie convinced Carlos to come with her (without telling him they were going to a pro-life pregnancy center). After seeing the video, Carlos was still talking about abortion, but Natalie said she definitely wants to keep the baby. Terri gave them each a Bible, and gave Carlos a baby outfit and booties. She also gave Carlos literature about how abortion affects men.

"Conni," 18, and "Edwina," 24, came to the LifeHouse on Tuesday for pregnancy tests. Conni is Catholic and Edwina is Presbyterian. Conni told Terri that she would abort the baby if she were pregnant, but after watching the video, she said she would keep the baby. Edwina had said that she would support Conni if she chose to abort: "it's up to each individual what she does with her own body." Terri said, "what if you found Conni in the bathroom about to cut her wrist with a razor blade, would you just say it's her body, her choice, or would you try to stop her?" "I would try to stop her," Edwina said, "I guess you have a point." Both Conni and Edwina had negative pregnancy tests, so Terri talked to them about abstinence. Conni had only recently become sexually active, but Edwina has been sexually active for 10 years. After talking to Terri, they both prayed out loud, asking for God to help them remain abstinent until marriage.

Update: "Johanna" (see Weekly Ministry Focus #43, 38 and 39) apparently aborted her baby last week.

Scripture Focus: Isaiah 1:21-28
See how the faithful city
   has become a harlot!
She once was full of justice;
   righteousness used to dwell in her
   but now murderers!
Your silver has become dross,
   Your choice wine is diluted with water.
Your rulers are rebels,
   companions of thieves;
they all love bribes
   and chase after gifts.
They do not defend the cause of the fatherless;
   the widow's case does not come before them.
Therefore the Lord, the Lord Almighty,
   the Mighty One of Israel, declares:
"Ah, I will get relief from my foes
   and avenge myself on my enemies.
I will turn my hand against you;
   I will thoroughly purge away your dross
   and remove all your impurities.
I will restore your judges as in days of old,
   your counselors as at the beginning.
Afterward you will be called
   the City of Righteousness,
   the Faithful City.

As you defend the cause of the fatherless today, pray for God to restore us, so that we may be called the City of Righteousness.

Prayer Focus
  • Pray that God's power will be displayed today through the meekness of the "pregnancy evangelists" outside the abortion chamber.

  • Ask God to strengthen "Millie" (see report above), and pray that God will motivate her husband to be an encouragement to her (Also pray for the others mentioned in the ministry reports.)

  • Pray for the future of our nation, and ask God to help His people to seek to please Him with their votes.

  • Pray for the man who is reportedly a new abortionist moving to Bakersfield. Pray that God will convict him and expose his plans before he completely surrenders to Satan's schemes.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Tonight at 6:30 pm
LSM monthly meeting at the LifeHouse
Ask Tim for an agenda if you plan to attend, so that you can be prepared to discuss the appropriate issues.
Thursday, December 7 at 6 pm
Fifth Annual LSM Mexican Dinner and Auction at Calvary Bible Church - 4850 Manor Street
(Tickets will be available later this week.)

This week's schedule

If you are unable to be physically involved in this ministry, please use this schedule to help you pray for those who are on the front lines.

Monday, Nov. 6
Colleen 8 - 10:30
Chuck 11:30 - 3
Irene* 10 - 2
Terri* 10:30 - 4
Debbie* 9 - 12
Monica*2 -5
St. Joseph's 1:30 - 2

Tuesday, Nov. 7
Lewis 7:30 - 9:30
Terri* 10:30 - 4
Chuck 11:30 - 3
Fr. James 10 - 12
Irene* 10 - 2
Mary Ann 11 - 3

Wednesday, Nov. 8
Amber*? 3 - 5
Terri 4 - 5
Thursday, Nov. 9
Amber*? 3 - 5
Friday, Nov. 10
Amber*? 3 - 5

Next week's schedule

Monday, Nov. 13
Colleen 8 - 10:30
Chuck 11:30 - 3
Irene* 10 - 2
Terri* 10:30 - 4
Debbie* 9 - 12
St. Joseph's 1:30 - 2
We need help 8 - 10:30

Tuesday, Nov. 14
Lewis 7:30 - 9:30
Vince 7:30 - 9
Terri* 10:30 - 4
Chuck 11:30 - 3
Fr. James 10 - 12
Irene* 10 - 2
Mary Ann 11 - 3
We need help 7:00 - 9:00

Wednesday, Nov. 15
Amber*? 3 - 5
Terri*4 - 5

Thursday, Nov. 16
Amber*? 3 - 5

Friday, Nov. 17
Amber*? 3 - 5
*LSM team members (others are independent volunteers)

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