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LifeSavers Ministries Weekly Ministry Focus
Volume 1, Number 32               August 14, 2000

Victim of abortion-induced cancer comes to LifeHouse

     Last Monday and Tuesday were busy abortion
days in Bakersfield.  Many women talked to the
sidewalk counselors; most went in to abort their
babies anyway, but at least one baby was saved.  The
new abortionist was once again in charge of the
killings.  Here are a few selected reports from last
week's ministry activities:

         "Maureen," 24, came to the abortion chamber on
     Tuesday, but Debbie talked to her outside before
     she entered.  Debbie brought her to the
     LifeHouse, where she gave her a pregnancy test. 
     Maureen said that she had an abortion several
     years ago, and now is recovering from breast
     cancer.  She had a breast removed, and is still in
     the process of reconstructive surgery. 
     (Maureen's breast cancer was probably caused
     by her abortion, according to many studies.) 
     Maureen's test results were negative, so Debbie
     gave her a ride home.  Debbie also offered to
     bring her to church, because Maureen hasn't
     been attending any church, although she said she
     is a Baptist.

          Debbie was threatened by a woman who works at
     Fritch Eye Care (across the alley from the
     abortion chamber).  The woman said "I'm going
     to go home and get a .357 magnum and blow
     your face off."  She said it loud enough that
     Debbie felt her supervisor must have heard. 
     Debbie called the police, but they didn't do
     anything about the woman, so Debbie filed a
     report with the District Attorney.

         "Roderica" gave birth to a boy last week (she had
     scheduled an abortion in February, but changed
     her mind after talking with sidewalk counselors;
     see Weekly Ministry Focus #6).  Roderica had
     planned to let one of the sidewalk counselors
     adopt the baby, but the social services staff at the
     hospital seems determined to prevent it, possibly
     because Roderica is an illegal alien.  The dispute
     has not yet been resolved.

         Beth gave a glass of water to a woman who was
     in pain after her abortion.  The woman sat in one
     of the sidewalk counselors' chairs while she
     waited for her ride.  She didn't want any post-
     abortion literature.

         "Darice," 18, came to the LifeHouse on Tuesday
     for a pregnancy test.  She is engaged, and attends
     a local Catholic church.  The test results were
     negative, so Beth told her that God has given her
     a chance to make a change.  Beth talked to Darice
     about chastity and the gift of the wedding night,
     and gave her abstinence literature.

         "Esther," 19, came to the LifeHouse on Monday
     for a pregnancy test.  She has attended a local
     Catholic church since she was a baby, but she
     told Beth that if she were pregnant, she wasn't
     sure what she would do.  "She was very anxious
     about being pregnant," Beth commented.  Esther
     lives with her parents who are sick, and goes to
     school and work.  She decided that if she were
     pregnant she would leave the man. She has had
     two friends who had abortions and they both feel
     guilty, drinking and partying and having
     nightmares because they can't deal with it. 
     Esther's test was negative, so Beth gave her
     abstinence literature and talked to her about

         "Demetria," 18, came to the LifeHouse on
     Monday for a pregnancy test.  She told Beth that
     she is Catholic, and she wasn't sure whether or
     not she would have an abortion if she were
     pregnant.  Demetria also said that she has been to
     the abortion chamber a few times during her two
     previous pregnancies, but didn't go through with
     any of the abortions.  Beth gave her literature
     which shows what happens to a baby in an
     abortion.  The test results were negative, but
     Demetria said she was anxious to "get back on
     the shot," so Beth witnessed to her about God's
     plan for sexuality.


Scripture Focus: Romans 12:9-21

     "Let love be without hypocrisy.  Abhor what is
evil; cling to what is good.  Be devoted to one
another in brotherly love; give preference to one
another in honor; not lagging behind in diligence,
fervent in spirit, serving the Lord; rejoicing in hope,
persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer,
contributing to the needs of the saints, practicing
hospitality.  Bless those who persecute you; bless and
curse not.  Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep
with those who weep.  Be of the same mind toward
one another; do not be haughty in mind, but
associate with the lowly.  Do not be wise in your
own estimation.  Never pay back evil for evil to
anyone.  Respect what is right in the sight of all men. 
If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace
with all men.  Never take your own revenge,
beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it
is written, "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says the
Lord." "But if your enemy is hungry, feed him, and
if he is thirsty, give him a drink; for in so doing you
will heap burning coals upon his head."  Do not be
overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
[As you meditate on this scripture today, ask God to
give you a sincere love for those you will encounter.]

Prayer Focus

  Pray that everyone who speaks with people entering the
abortion chamber today will consider the impact of their
words (if it hurts them to hear it, it should hurt us to say
  Ask God to help "Roderica" (see report above) to know
whether or not she should give her baby up for adoption,
and pray that the social service staff will be prevented
from improper interference.
  Pray that God will soften the hearts of Christians who
pass by the abortion chamber today, convicting them of
their need to repent of their apathetic attitudes and
actions about abortion, and to surrender to God.

     Willke researches effectiveness of graphic abortion pictures

     The use of large, graphic pictures of aborted babies has
often created controversy, even among pro-lifers.  Dr. J. C.
Willke, who has been a key pro-life leader for decades, has
been skeptical about their effectiveness, choosing to focus on
less controversial educational efforts.
     Recently, the Center for Bio-ethical Reform brought
their Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) to a Cincinnati
university.   The GAP effort displays about 20 pictures
measuring 6' by 13', comparing abortion with lynchings,
Hitler's holocaust, and other atrocities.  Willke's
organizations hired an experienced polling firm to measure
the impact of the GAP pictures, openly wondering if "these
well-meaning pro-life activists" might be "pouring gasoline
on an open flame."
     "Going in, we anticipated that... male students would
react more positively to the graphic nature of the pictures,"
Willke's report notes.  "The research indicates otherwise,
pointing to a much higher impact on women under 25 years
of age than men."
     "We should never be in a position of criticizing any legal
and peaceful approach that has proven successful in helping
to end abortion.  That would be divisive and
counterproductive to the mission not to mention factually
inaccurate," Willke commented.
             - Life Issues Institue Connector, July 2000

This week's schedule

[If you are unable to be physically involved in this
ministry, please use this schedule to help you pray
for those who are on the front lines.]

Monday, August 14
                    Colleen        8 -  11
                    Fr. Moore      9 -  11
                    Irene         10 -  2
                    Mercedes?     10 - 2
                    Terri      10:30 -  5
                    Debbie         1 -  5
           St. Joseph's         1:30 -   2

Tuesday, August 15
                    Vince          7 -  9
                    Lewis       7:30 -  9:30
                    Fr. Moore      9 -  11
                    Albert & Ione 10 -  12
                    Fr. James     10 -  12
                    Irene         10 -  2
                    Mercedes?     10 -  2
                    Terri      10:30 -  5
                    Mary Ann?     11 -  3

Next week's schedule

Monday, August 21

                    Colleen        8 -  10:30
                    Susan?      8:30 -  10:30
                    Irene         10 -  2
                    Mercedes  ?    10 - 2
                    Terri      10:30 -  5?
                    Debbie         1 -  5
                    St.Joseph's 1:30 -  2
                    We need help   8 -  10

Tuesday, August 22
                    Lewis       7:30 -  9:30
                    Carlotta?   7:30 -  9:30?
                    Albert & Ione 10 -  12
                    Fr. James     10 -  12
                    Irene         10 -  2
                    Mercedes?     10 -  2
                    Terri      10:30 -  5
                    Mary Ann?     11 -  3
                    We need help   8 - 10

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