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LifeSavers Ministries Weekly Ministry Focus
Volume 1, Number 19              May 15, 2000

Counselors console man after unsuccesful attempt to save
   his baby (and other ministry reports)
Scripture Focus: Psalm 59:1-5
Prayer Focus
Poland improves women's health by passing pro-life laws
Bishops condemn "Catholics for a Free Choice"
"The Empty Cradle" - a poem by Terri Palmquist
Thank you to First Baptist Church of Greenacres
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This week's schedule
Next week's schedule
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Counselors console man after unsuccessful attempt to save
   his baby (and other ministry reports)

     Here are a few selected reports from last week's
ministry activities:

         Terri and Mary Ann spoke to a young man whose
     girlfriend was in the abortion chamber.   They
     convinced him to go upstairs to plead with her not to
     abort the baby.  About an hour later, he came out
     sobbing very hard.  He couldn't even stand up.  In
     spite of his pleas, she aborted the baby.  He had tried
     very hard to talk her out of it, but it just made her more
     mad.  Mary Ann got on her knees, trying to console
     him.  When he finally got in his car to leave, he was
     still crying.  He told Mary Ann and Irene "thank you
     for weeping with me."

         "Jasmine," 20, came back to the LifeHouse with her
     boyfriend for a follow-up pregnancy test (see Weekly
     Ministry Focus #15).  She attends a large local Bible
     Church (Mennonite Brethren).  This time, her test was
     positive.  But now Jasmine says she will keep the baby
     (on her previous visit she said she would have aborted
     the baby).  She's afraid to tell her mom, and asked
     Terri for advice on how to break the news.  Terri gave
     her a "Hope for the Future" Bible and a baby gift.
          "Tanya," 20, heard about the LifeHouse from a friend,
     so she came in on Monday.  Tanya told Terri that she
     is a Christian.  Her pregnancy test was positive.  They
     were in a hurry, because they were on their lunch
     break, so Terri only showed them a portion of the
     "Harder Truth" video.  However, Tanya still said she
     intends to abort the baby.  Terri asked Tanya's friend
     how she felt, and she shook her head and said "you're
     going to make me cry," as they left.  Terri gave Tanya
     a "Hope for the Future" Bible, and begged Tanya to
     please talk to her before she makes a final decision.
     On Sunday night, Terri called Tanya, who said that she
     is scheduled for an abortion on Monday.  After Terri
     pleaded with her to keep the baby, Tanya said "God
     knew us before He formed us, and he knows that I'm
     going to have this abortion, so if He doesn't want me
     to have the abortion, He can stop me."

          "Delilah," 31, came to the LifeHouse for a pregnancy
     test.  She told Terri that she is single and attends a
     local church, and said "I have four kids already, and I
     don't know what to do."  However, her test was
     negative.  Delilah said that she works in the medical
     profession and sees women who come in after botched
     abortions.  She said that she had an abortion a couple
     of years ago at Good Samaritan Hospital.

          "Sabra," 20, came to the LifeHouse for a
     pregnancy test.  She is married, but said that
     she is pro-choice and would abort the baby if
     she is pregnant.  She attends a large community
     church in the Rosedale area.  Thankfully, her
     test was negative.

         Judy DiGiorgio, who has been the Nurse Practitioner
     at the Family Planning Associates abortion chamber
     for over ten years, has reportedly quit.  According to
     the report, she is now teaching nursing.

Scripture Focus: Psalm 59:1-5

Deliver me from my enemies, O my God;
Set me securely on high away from those who rise up
     against me.
Deliver me from those who do iniquity,
And save me from men of bloodshed.
For behold, they have set an ambush for my life;
Fierce men launch an attack against me,
Not for my transgression nor for my sin, O Lord,
For no guilt of mine, they run and set themselves against
Arouse Thyself to help me, and see!
And Thou, O Lord God of hosts, the God of Israel,
Awake to punish all the nations;
Do not be gracious to any who are treacherous in iniquity.

[heart] Meditate on this scripture today, interceding with
these words on behalf of the children who are
scheduled to die today.  When you deal with hardened
people who are "treacherous in iniquity' (like "Tanya"
above), bring your frustration before the Lord by
meditating on this scripture.

Prayer Focus

  Ask God to use the teddy bears to touch
women's hearts today as they enter the abortion
chamber.  Pray that the women will read the
message on the tag. 
  Pray that the women who receive Bibles today
will read them and that the Holy Spirit will speak
to their hearts through His Word.
  Pray for "Jasmine," (see report above), asking
God to draw her closer to Him during this
pregnancy.  Pray that she will maintain her
commitment to keep the baby, and that God will
help her know how to break the news to her mom.
Also ask God to guide her and her boyfriend as
they make decisions about their future together.
  Ask God to convict the hearts of the
California Senators who are considering SB 1945,
which would treat anti-abortion crime like hate

Poland improves women's health by passing pro-life laws

     Abortion restrictions in Poland have proven to been
overwhelmingly successful.  After 44 years of being
dominated by Russia, with abortion being legal and funded by
the government, Poland passed pro-life legislation in 1993.
     The abortion rate in Poland has decreased from 160,000
to only 250 per year, according to Dr. Jack Willke of the Life
Issues Institute.  Some had feared that outlawing abortion
would result in an increase of illegal, back-alley abortions,
and women injuring themselves by desperately trying to abort
their babies at home.  These fears have been proven to be
     "There are fewer gynecologic admissions to Polish
hospitals today than there were when abortion was legal,"
Willke said.  "There are fewer women dying of gynecologic
     Poland's experience also shows that fewer women died
as a result of pregnancy and childbirth, neonatal births
declined and induced abortions performed to save the life and
health of the mother also became more rare after anti-abortion
laws were passed.
             - Focus on the Family CitizenLink, May 10, 2000

Bishops condemn "Catholics for a Free Choice"

     In the strongest possible terms, the US National
Conference of Catholic Bishops Thursday condemned
"Catholics for a Free Choice," saying they cannot consider
themselves a Catholic group. This comes as a reaction to the
ongoing campaign of CFFC to oust the Vatican from the UN,
an effort the Bishops call anti-Catholic bigotry.
     All people of faith, not just Catholics, should call the
Office of the President of the National Conference of
Catholic Bishops and thank them for this important statement.
You can reach them by phone (202-541-3100) or fax
    - Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, May 12, 2000

"The Empty Cradle"

This poem was written by Terri Palmquist for the "Empty
Cradle" memorial service held last Friday.   The poem is
also available on-line at:

An empty cradle rocks back and forth
  from a mother's hand
She longs for the child God gave her
  although it wasn't planned
Unfortunately she chose the way
  that so many do
Now the baby no longer lives
  and her heart is torn in two

An empty cradle rocks back and forth
  from a father's touch
It's amazing how a tiny child
  can affect a man so much
At the time he never questioned
  what was being done
Now every night he begins to wonder
  "Did I have a son?"

An empty cradle rocks back and forth
  by a gentle breeze
Along beside it is a grandma
  praying on her knees
She asks God to heal her hurts
  and take away her pain
Her grandchild's life was aborted
  and she'll never be the same

Our Father God gently rocks
  a baby fast asleep
As He looks at this little child
  a tear rolls down His cheek
"This wasn't the plan I had for you,
  precious tiny one,
You could have had much joy in life
  by serving Christ, my Son."

 Copyright 2000 by Terri Palmquist

Thank you to First Baptist Church of
Greenacres for adding LifeSavers Ministries
to the Missions budget!

Upcoming Events

     Thursday, May 18 at 6 pm: An introduction to
Natural Family Planning will be held at 201 New Stine
Road, Suite 120 (Dr.  Wedemeyer's Chiropractic Office).
Kara Lucas, a Fresno NFP teacher with the Couple to
Couple League, will speak.  If you are interested in learning
NFP, or if you would like to teach or promote NFP, you are
encouraged to attend.  For more information, contact Kathy
Ancheta at 832-6200.
     Sunday, May 21: Carl's Jr.  LifeSavers
fundraiser.  When you present a special coupon,
Bakersfield Carl's Jr. restaurants will donate 10% of your
total order to LifeSavers Ministries.  (Coupons are available
at the LifeHouse, or from Terri Palmquist, so be sure to
pick some up today, and give them out to as many people as
you can!)  Coupons are also available on-line at:


This week's schedule

[If you are unable to be physically involved in this
ministry, please use this schedule to help you pray for
those who are on the front lines.]

Monday, May 15
                    Heather        8 -  9
                              Colleen                 8 -   10:30
                    Jose           8 -  10
                    Irene         10 -  2
                    Mary Ann      10 -  3
                    Terri      10:30 -  5
                              St.  Joseph's        1:30 -   2

Tuesday, May 16
                         Heather          8 -     9
                         Lewis         7:30 -     9:30
                              Carlotta           7:30 -     9:30?
                    Jose        8 -     10
                              Albert & Ione        10 -     12
                              Fr. James            10 -     12
                         Irene           10 -     2
                         Terri        10:30 -     5
                         Debbie           1 -     5

Next week's schedule

Monday, May 22
                    Heather        8 -  9
                              Colleen                 8 -   10:30
                    Jose           8 -  10
                    Susan       8:30 -  10:30
                    Irene         10 -  2
                    Terri      10:30 -  5?
                    Debbie         1 -  5
                              St.  Joseph's        1:30 -   2
                              We need help           10 -   12

Tuesday, May 23
                    Heather        8 -  9
                    Vince          7 -  9
                    Lewis       7:30 -  9:30
                              Carlotta             7:30 -   9:30?
                    Jose           8 -  10
                              Albert & Ione          10 -   12
                              Fr. James              10 -   12
                    Irene         10 -  2
                    Mary Ann      10 -  3
                              Terri               10:30 -   5
                              We need help            9 -   10

Special instructions for this week:

          No signs of any kind.
          Main focus: giving out Bibles and teddy bears.
Special instructions for May 22-23:
          Normal activities, no special instructions.
This is part of a three-month experiment testing the
effectiveness of various tactics.  Thank you for
cooperating with this effort.

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