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LifeSavers Ministries Weekly Ministry Focus
Volume 1, Number 12             March 27, 2000


Woman comes to LifeHouse after abortion to see "Truth"
    (and other ministry reports)
Scripture Focus: Proverbs 2:20-22
Prayer Focus
Palmdale pro-life center opens in former killing center
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Woman comes to LifeHouse after abortion to see "Truth"

     Last week's ministry was very busy.  Several times,
there were so many women at the LifeHouse that Terri
Palmquist had to make some of them wait while she
assisted other women.  Here are a few selected reports from
last week's ministry activities:

         "Sylvana," 21, came to the LifeHouse with her
     grandmother and her two-year-old son.  Sylvana had
     an abortion three weeks ago, but now she regrets it.
     One of the sidewalk counselors told her about the
     LifeHouse.  She asked to see the "Harder Truth" video
     (which graphically exposes abortion).  Terri asked "are
     you really sure you want to see it?"  Afterwards, Terri
     referred her to another pregnancy center which
     coordinates post-abortion counseling sessions.

         Through a work situation, Colleen became aware of
     "Opal," who has scheduled an abortion this week.
     After Colleen talked to her, Opal said she would like
     to give the baby up for adoption.  However, an
     adoption agency apparently turned her away because
     of the baby's race.  Colleen told Opal that she is
     willing to adopt the baby.  Opal and her two young
     children need a place to live (she must be out of her
     apartment by the end of the month).

         "Kirstie," 19, called LifeSavers to find out where she
     could abort her baby.  Kirstie attends a local Catholic
     church.  Terri explained that we are against abortion,
     inviting her to come to the LifeHouse for information
     about abortion.  Kirstie had already been to Planned
     Parenthood, where she had a positive pregnancy test.
     Planned Parenthood had asked her to sign a statement
     that she was low-income, so that she could receive free
     (taxpayer-financed) birth control. When her pregnancy
     test was positive, Planned Parenthood told her where
     she could go for an abortion (the local Planned
     Parenthood office does not currently commit
     abortions), but they did not provide any information on
     other options, prenatal care, fetal development
     information, or information on the risks of abortion.
     When Kirstie came to the LifeHouse, Terri showed her
     the "Harder Truth" video, and talked to her for a long
     time.  Debbie gave Kirstie a baby blanket (Debbie's
     mom had made the blanket so that Debbie could give it
     to a turnaround).
         "Laverne," 29, came to the LifeHouse for a pregnancy
     test, which was positive.  Laverne is divorced, and has
     had three abortions (one between each of her three
     births).  At first, Laverne was definitely intending to
     abort the baby.  Terri prayed with her, and began to
     cry.  She begged her to please let her baby live.
     Laverne said she would keep the baby.

          "Matilda," 22, was going to the FPA abortion chamber
     for a pregnancy test, intending to abort her baby if the
     test was positive.  She is going to school to be a
     doctor, and still lives with her parents, so she doesn't
     want a baby right now.  She attends a local Baptist
     church.   When she drove up, she noticed the "free
     pregnancy test" banner at the LifeHouse, so she came
     to the LifeHouse instead.  When Matilda saw that the
     test was positive, she became very upset.  Terri
     showed her a video and talked with her for several
     minutes, but as she left, she seemed unsure about what
     she would do.

          Mary Ann and Terri talked to a woman who brought
     her 20-year old granddaughter in for an abortion,
     allegedly because the granddaughter's life is in danger.
     They had called the FPA abortion chamber, which told
     them that they could abort the baby by using a pill, but
     it would cost $500 (while they would not need to pay
     for a surgical abortion, because they have a medical
     card).  Terri talked to her about the risks of abortion,
     and offered to help her get a second opinion from
     another doctor.  Terri also gave her LSM literature,
     which the woman said she would give to her

          "Paula," 36, came to FPA for an abortion, but she was
     too far along (she would have had to go to Los
     Angeles).  She came to the LifeHouse, saying "the
     people across the street were saying you're here to
     help, so if you don't help, it's false advertising."  Her
     husband recently died, and she has several children.
     Terri is helping her with clothes, and has offered Paula
     a washing machine, but she isn't sure if she will have a
     place for it.

Scripture Focus: Proverbs 2:20-22

Thus you will walk in the ways of good men
     and keep to the paths of the righteous.
For the upright will live in the land,
     and the blameless will remain in it;
but the wicked will be cut off from the land,
     and the unfaithful will be torn from it.
[heart] Ask God to help you keep to the paths of the
righteous.  Focusing your mind on him, meditate on
this scripture whenever you are tempted to engage in
idle conversation.

Prayer Focus

  Ask God to use every sidewalk counselor (and all
of the other volunteers) to His glory today.
  Pray that God will give wisdom and guidance to
"Opal" (see report above), and that she will have a
good place to stay by the end of the week.

                           Happy Second
                          to the LifeHouse!                                  

Palmdale pro-life center opens in former killing center

     The Antelope Valley Pregnancy Counseling Center
held the grand opening of their new Palmdale center on
Saturday, March 25.  The pro-life center now occupies the
same offices which had housed Palmdale's only abortion
     In 1997, a small group of Palmdale pro-lifers began
sidewalk counseling outside this killing center, along with
Terri Palmquist and Monica Savage from LifeSavers
Ministries in Bakersfield.
     Several local pastors and politicians attended the
ribbon-cutting ceremony, including the mayor of Palmdale
and Assemblyman George Runner.
     "Dr.  Braemer and his abortion staff have been gone
now for two years.  Because of your prayers, I am very
very happy to tell you that no woman will ever be harmed
in here again, no baby will ever lose his life within these
walls ever again," said Mark Boileau, AVPCC director. 
     Boileau also took special note of the role sidewalk
counselors played in this miraculous turn of events: "they
used to counsel on this sidewalk right here....  And they're
the ones who actually started this whole thing off, they're
the ones responsible for getting the doors closed.  And the
spirit of their enthusiasm is the spirit which engulfs us right
now.  They didn't wait around for the legislature, or
anybody else to end abortions, they went out there and did
something by themselves.  And that's what we're doing
right now."
     Although there was a jubilant mood in the crowd, a
somber tone also permeated the group, due to the
realization of the magnitude of death which had occurred
within this facility.  "We must never forget what happened
within these walls.  We must never forget the pain and the
suffering that was inflicted here," Boileau reminded the
crowd.  "After World War II, after the Holocaust, the
concentration camps weren't torn apart and burned to the
ground.  They were not only saved, but they were
repaired... as a reminder to future generations of what had
happened.  So we must never forget the abuse that
happened here at one time." 
     As the ribbon was cut, the crowd released balloons
into the air, symbolizing the lives of the babies who were
killed there.
     "I can't think of a more symbolic and meaningful
gesture to proclaim life than to overcome and take over the
territory where death had reigned," said Assemblyman
Runner.  "There truly is a battle going on."  Runner
recently authored an unsuccessful bill which would have
required abortionists to provide information to women
about the pain experienced by unborn babies in an
     The beautiful lobby of the new pro-life center featured
a poster titled "Before", which showed how the facility
looked when it was an abortion chamber, along with
pictures of sidewalk counselors and clippings from
LifeSavers newsletters.  A picture of baby Caleb Palmquist
outside the abortion chamber was included on the poster,
as Caleb looked at a sign which said "Every Child
Deserves a Birthday."
     The room in which children were aborted still lies
silent, but will soon be full of the sights and sounds of new
life.  A sign outside the room announced "Welcome to our
ultrasound room.... Because of your prayers and support,
we will begin to save lives right here where so many lives
were lost.... By the end of fall, a mother will be able to see
and hear her baby's heart beating for the first time.  Two
years ago, in this room, with it's sinks and cold tile floor,
little hearts were silenced.  Back when this was an abortion
clinic, again and again, four people walked in and only
three came out.  This room will be a constant reminder to
all of us of what happens when innocent lives are forgotten
or ignored.  We should never ever forget what happened
here and therefore forever be diligent to ensure it never
happens again, here or anywhere else in the Antelope
Valley."  As Terri Palmquist entered the former killing
room for the first time, she began to cry uncontrollably,
mourning the precious lives slaughtered there.
     The grand opening provided an opportunity for a
reunion of several sidewalk counselors who had labored
outside this facility two years ago.  Some of these
counselors now volunteer for AVPCC, while others travel
to other communities to continue sidewalk counseling.
     Interestingly, the Palmdale center is opening on the
second anniversary of the LifeHouse in Bakersfield.

This week's schedule

[If you are unable to be physically involved in this
ministry, please use this schedule to help you pray for
those who are on the front lines.]
Monday, Mar.  27
                    Colleen        8 -  10:30
                    Jose           8 -  10
                    Susan       8:30 -  10:30
                    Rosa??        10 -  12
                    Irene         10 -  2
                    Mary Ann      10 -  3
                    Terri      10:30 -  5?
                              St.  Joseph's        1:30 -   2

Tuesday, Mar.  28
                    Vince          7 -  9
                    Lewis       7:30 -  9:30
                    Carlotta?   7:30 -  9:30
                    Jose           8 -  10
                    Debbie      9:30 -  1
                              Albert & Ione          10 -   12
                    Fr. James     10 -  12
                    Irene         10 -  2
                    Terri      10:30 -  5

Next week's schedule

Monday, Apr. 3
                    Colleen        8 -  10:30
                    Jose           8 -  10
                    Rosa??        10 -  12
                    Irene         10 -  2
                    Mary Ann      10 -  3
                    Terri      10:30 -  5?
                              St.  Joseph's        1:30 -   2
                              We need help            3 -   4

Tuesday, Apr. 4
                    Lewis       7:30 -  9:30
                    Carlotta?   7:30 -  9:30
                    Jose           8 -  10
                    Debbie      9:30 -  1
                              Albert & Ione          10 -   12
                    Fr. James     10 -  12
                    Irene         10 -  2
                    Terri       10:30 - 5
                              We need help            2 -   4

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