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LifeSavers Ministries Weekly Ministry Focus                                                            
Volume 1, Number 1              January 3, 2000

     Serving God, saving babies in the year 2000 and beyond
                      December 1999 report
                        Scripture Focus
                       Prayer suggestions
                       Ministry Plan 2000
                      This week's schedule
                      Next week's schedule
               Churches to display white crosses
                    Publication information

Serving God, Saving Babies in the Year 2000 and beyond

Welcome to the first issue of the LifeSavers Ministries Weekly Action
Report! This publication is designed for volunteers and supporters of
LifeSavers Ministries, and is the first step in LSM's Ministry Plan 2000.

The purpose of the LSM Weekly Action Report is to promote an increase in:
 - Communication between leadership and volunteers
 - Reliability of volunteers
 - Effectiveness (responding better to the needs of the women we serve)
 - Prayerfulness
 - Reporting to supporters

The LSM Weekly Action Report will be made available to LSM volunteers and
supporters every Monday and Tuesday at the LifeHouse. Every issue of the
LSM Weekly Action Report will also soon be posted on the new LSM website
( and available by e-mail. In addition, a
special mailing list will be established for supporters who wish to receive
every issue by mail. (In order to subscribe to the LSM Weekly Action Report
by mail, a suggested donation of $50 per year will be requested, to cover
postage and handling.)

Every issue of the LSM Weekly Action Report will include:
 - Reports from the previous week's ministry activities
 - Scripture intended for volunteers to use in prayer and meditation
 - Prayer suggestions
 - Brief news items which are relevant to local pro-life ministry
 - Upcoming ministry opportunities
 - The current week's volunteer schedule
 - The following week's volunteer schedule
      (emphasizing schedule gaps where more help is needed)

December 1999 report

In December 1999, God saved at least 14 babies from abortion through the counseling ministry of LifeSavers
volunteers (including 4 babies saved outside the Fresno abortion chamber)! 

Scripture Focus: Psalm 9:11-16

Sing praises to the Lord, enthroned in Zion;
proclaim among the nations what he has done.
For he who avenges blood remembers;
he does not ignore the cry of the afflicted.
O Lord, see how my enemies persecute me!
Have mercy and lift me up from the gates of death,
that I may declare your praises 
in the gates of the Daughter of Zion
and there rejoice in your salvation.
The nations have fallen into the pit they have dug;
their feet are caught in the net they have hidden.
The Lord is known by his justice;
the wicked are ensnared by the work of their hands.

[Imagine yourself as a baby who is scheduled to be
aborted today, and lift these verses up to God on the baby's
behalf. Whenever your mind wanders, and you are tempted to
engage in idle conversation, please direct your mind
back to meditating upon this scripture.]

Prayer suggestions:

 Pray that God will open the eyes of the women entering the
 abortion chamber, so that they will see their babies.

 Pray for the Christians who will enter the abortion chamber
 today, that they will recognize the gravity of the sin of
 abortion in the eyes of their Savior.

 Pray for Dr. Fritch (of Fritch Eye Care), who has chosen to
 stand with the abortion chamber and against this ministry by
 seeking to prevent individuals from praying as they walk through
 the alley (even though he attends a local church which stands
 against abortion).

 Pray that God will motivate local pastors to preach against
 abortion on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, and that they will
 seek to motivate Christians to get personally involved in saving
 babies' lives.

 Pray for wisdom and divine direction for Terri and Tim as they
 seek to set a new course for LSM in the coming year.

 Praise God for the 14 babies saved in December, for the dozens
 of babies saved in 1999, and for the thousands of babies saved
 locally since 1984. Pray for God's continued protection over these

Ministry Plan 2000: a Nationwide Impact From a Local Ministry

LifeSavers Ministries' Ministry Plan 2000 is an effort to expand
the ministry of LSM over the next 12 months. As the Lord provides,
we hope for this plan to be completed by the end of the year 2000,
resulting in a nationwide increase in sidewalk counseling (and the
secondary effect of a nationwide increase in the number of babies
saved from abortion)!

Phase 1:

Publish the Weekly Action Report for LSM volunteers and supporters.

Increase reporting requirements for volunteers (providing more
information on turnarounds, pregnancy tests, etc.).

Establish LifeSavers Ministries' website (

Phase 2:
Include Weekly Action Report on LifeSavers Ministries' website.

Develop mailing list (postal and e-mail) for Weekly Action Report.

Establish web camera at LifeHouse to enable supporters to view every
day's ministry activities via the internet.

Phase 3:

Establish website to promote sidewalk counseling, including weekly
reports from sidewalk counselors nationwide.

Establish mailing list (e-mail) for weekly sidewalk counseling report.

Phase 4:

Establish radio program (Voice For Life), using reports from sidewalk
counselors around the nation. Daily radio program (1-2 minutes) will
report on a baby saved from abortion, pointing listeners to the website
for details. (In turn, the website will be designed to encourage
viewers to get involved in their local area in sidewalk counseling and
other pro-life efforts.)

The program will be available on demand to radio stations nationwide
through the website (on RealAudio) and also (hopefully) on satellite.  

This week's schedule

[If you are unable to participate in this ministry, please
use this schedule to help you pray for those who are on
the front lines.]

Monday, Jan. 3
Colleen 8 - 10:30
Jose 8 - 10
Carlotta 9:15 - 11:15
Mary Ann 10 - 3
Rosa 10 - 12
Terri 10:30 - 4
Irene 11 - 3
Mike 12 - 1

Tuesday, Jan. 4
Lewis 7:30 - 9:30
Carlotta 7:30 - 9:30
Jose 8 - 10
Albert 10 - 12
Ione 10 - 12
Fr. James 10 - 12
Terri 10:30 - 4
Monica 11 - 3
Irene 11 - 3
Mike 12 - 1

Next week's schedule

Monday, Jan. 10
Colleen 8 - 10:30
Jose 8 - 10
Susan 8:30 - 10:30
Carlotta 9:15 - 11:15
Rosa 10 - 12
Terri 10:30 - 4
Irene 11 - 3
Mike 12 - 1
We need help 3 - 5

Tuesday, Jan. 11
Lewis 7:30 - 9:30
Carlotta 7:30 - 9:30
Jose 8 - 10
Albert 10 - 12
Ione 10 - 12
Fr. James 10 - 12
Terri 10:30 - 5
Monica 11 - 3
Irene 11 - 3
Mike 12 - 1
We need help 9:30 - 11
We need help 3 - 5

Churches to display white crosses

Several Bakersfield churches will be displaying white crosses outside
their sanctuaries January 16-23 as a memorial to the children who have
been killed by abortion. The LifeHouse will also feature a display of
70 crosses, representing the approximate number of babies killed every
week at the Bakersfield abortion chamber. To help construct the crosses,
contact Terri.

The LifeSavers Ministries Weekly Action Report is published every Monday
by LifeSavers Ministries, P.O. Box 40972, Bakersfield CA 93384-0972.
Issues are available without charge at the LifeHouse, 2428 H Street, on
Mondays and Tuesdays. To subscribe to the LifeSavers Ministries Weekly
Action Report by mail, we request a suggested donation of $50 per year to
cover postage and handling. To subscribe by e-mail, we request a suggested
donation of $10 per year.  For more information on LifeSavers Ministries,
call (661) 323-BABY or (661) 323-2229.

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