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Thank you to David and Grace Madruga of Grace Electric for donating their 1999 Sea Breeze RV to LifeSavers Ministries. This RV is becoming our new Traveling Life Center (TLC). Although the transformation has not been fully completed, God has already used it to save a life!

The information and photos below were prepared before the Madrugas brought us their RV. Soon we will update this page with photos of the actual RV, but it looks amazingly similar to the sample photos displayed here!

The Traveling Life Center (TLC) may look something like this (simulated photo)

The TLC will also function as a mobile billboard displaying life-affirming messages and offering help to pregnant women.

Signs will be interchangeable for various ministry outreach uses.

LifeSavers Ministries Traveling Life Center(TLC)

For over 20 years, LifeSavers Ministries has been used by God to save thousands of children from abortion in Bakersfield. We now sense God calling us to establish the Traveling Life Center (TLC), a pregnancy help center in an RV to reach out to pregnant women in various communities in Kern County and beyond. These women need someone to bring them the Gospel of Life. Equipped with the same proven strategies which God has used to save countless children at our LifeHouse pregnancy help center and on the streets outside Bakersfields abortion chamber, the TLC will be effective in saving many more lives.

The TLC counseling area (simulated photo)

The Traveling Life Center counseling area will provide a comfortable environment for life-changing conversations (simulated photo).

Working in cooperation with our Elizabeth League groups in outlying areas, the TLC will provide free pregnancy tests and abortion alternatives to needy women. Eventually, we hope to offer ultrasounds to help women see the children in their wombs. The TLC will also visit abortion chambers in other communities seeking to save more lives and equip more Christians for effective life- saving ministries.

When special ministry outreaches (such as 40 Days for Life) take place, the TLC will serve as a base of operation and provide resources for the volunteers.

The TLC (Traveling Life Center) outreach is expected to include the following communities:

and more

Costs of operation are estimated to be approximately $11,650 annually (based upon $4.00 per gallon price of gas). This is about half the cost of operating the LifeHouse annually.


We hope that the RV which will become the LSM Traveling Life Center will have the following specifications:

  • Living room area in the front of the vehicle
  • Front seats swivel to become part of the living room area
  • Entrance should go into the living room area (not kitchen or bedroom)
  • Built in TV (preferably with VCR/DVD) in living room area for easy viewing by clients
  • Attractive bathroom
  • Windshield privacy curtain
  • Leveling system
  • Patio awning
  • Seating for a minimum of 10 (preferably 12)
  • Air conditioner / heater
  • Separate bedroom area preferred (in rear)
  • Large storage compartments below
  • Preferably 50,000 miles or less

Your used RV can be used to save lives and spread a life-changing message! If you own an RV which meets these specifications and you are interested in donating your RV for this life-saving mission, please contact us!
Mom and baby saved from abortion

This Bakersfield mother is grateful that we were there to help save her baby from abortion! Help us reach more mothers in more communities!

If funds become available to purchase a new RV, we would prefer a model from Rexhall Industries, a company based in nearby Lancaster with a Christian testimony. A Rexhall RV would probably cost us at least $70,000, but could be manufactured to our exact specifications, according to Rexhall CEO William Rex.

If you want to see the Traveling Life Center become a reality, please send us a generous donation!

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