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In Touch With LifeSavers, March 15, 1999
Centennial Christmas parade float portrays LifeHouse in 1898, 1998
March 15,1999

The historical background of the building which has become the LifeHouse formed the basis for LifeSavers Ministries' parade float for the 1998 Bakersfield Christmas parade. "Centennial Christmas" was the theme of the parade, so the float depicted Christmas 1898 and Christmas 1998 at 25th and H Streets. The 1998 side featured LifeSavers volunteers and their children, along with a nativity scene. A "Choose Life" flag flew from the modern side of the float's "LifeHouse." The 1898 side featured the Rowland family dressed in nineteenth century attire, with one of the children playing the violin while Anne Feeley and other carolers sang. Jolene Forzetting created banners to provide a skirt for the float. Thanks to everyone who helped, especially:

Harold Foster
Stewart & Stevenson
Morger Equipment
Reimer's Garden Center
Vince Zaragoza
Jose Iguain
Jolene Forzetting
and all the LifeSavers

Christmas 1898 at the Wagys' house

Christmas 1998 at the LifeHouse

Special thanks to Adrian and Martin for the many hours they spent constructing the float. (Thanks also to Bethany Ministries for lending them to us!)

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