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In Touch With LifeSavers, March 15, 1999
Sidewalk counselors collaborate with His Nesting Place to save lives
March 15,1999

By Carlotta Fondren

One day in September, Marisol was walking around on the sidewalk, waiting for a friend who was inside FPA for an abortion. I asked her to sit down, and she began to share her situation.

She and her friend had both been to a prayer meeting the night before. They both were pregnant, and planned to abort their babies. After Marisol had prayed, she changed her mind. Unfortunately, her friend did not.

Marisol explained that she really needed a place to stay, at least by the end of September. She wanted to stay at the LifeHouse, but we really didn't have any more room. I told her about His Nesting Place (HNP). She seemed interested.

Anne Feeley sensed the urgency of the need to help Marisol and her two children, so she put Marisol on the phone with an intake worker at HNP, who encouraged her to come down. Anne suggested the next day.

We didn't have any means of transportation to Long Beach, so we made a few calls. Carol Newsom suggested Ray Donaldson, who considers it a ministry to drive people who need him.

The next morning, Marisol, her little girl and boy, Ray, and I took the trip to Long Beach. We stopped for a quick bite to eat, and had an unexpected ministry opportunity when the restaurant manager noticed Ray's "Precious Feet" pin. We gave him some literature, and Ray gave him his pin. So we were fed and encouraged, and we went on our way.

When we arrived at His Nesting Place, Marisol had to fill out paperwork and read the rules of the house. Meanwhile, Ray and I had a tour of His Nesting Place. It is a beautiful, well-organized facility with rooms of various sizes to accommodate pregnant moms and children. One mom had four kids. Marisol's children had a wonderful time in the children's play area.

The HNP worker who helped Marisol had been a resident of the maternity home herself; she said Marisol was a perfect candidate because she really wanted to make a change and to commit her life to Christ.

The following is Marisol's testimony, as printed in the February 1999 edition of His Nesting Place's Nestbuilder:

"The children's father who I had been living with off and on for the past six years was an alcoholic and beat me constantly. He locked me in the house and took the telephone to work so that I could not even call anyone. I feared for my life so many times. He beat me so hard one time it caused me to have a miscarriage. On another occasion, a beating temporarily blinded me. I finally found the courage to leave him.

"When I came to His Nesting Place I was homeless. I was sleeping in back yards and no one would take me in. I had no relatives who would help me. Because of His Nesting Place I no longer have to worry about where my children and I are going to live and what we are going to eat.

"I thank God that I have a healthy baby girl named Destiny, who would not be alive today if it was not for His Nesting Place and the [sidewalk] counselors at the clinic.

"Since I have been at His Nesting Place I have a closer relationship with God; I am getting ready to start school and I recently found a job. Being here is a good experience for me. I have direction in my life and goals that I am accomplishing as well. I feel that I am becoming a better mother to my children. I am going to finish my G.E.D. and hopefully be able to further my education so that I can provide my children with the things I never had.

"I will always be grateful to Pastor Al, Judy, and His Nesting Place for helping me when I needed it most."

If you would like more information about His Nesting Place, call (562) 422-2137, or write to HNP at: 350 E. Market Street, Long Beach, CA 90805

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