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Teach My Mother, Oh Lord
by Betty Vallejo Casillas
Betty Casillas singing her song 'Teach My Mother, Oh Lord'

Betty Casillas touched the hearts of many at the Labor of Love Banquet as she sang "Teach My Mother, Oh Lord." Marcos Delgado accompanied Betty on the guitar.

Teach my Mother, Oh Lord,
That my life was given by You.
Teach my Mother, Oh Lord
To love me the way You love her.
That the children are a blessing from you;
And we are part of Your Creation.

A few months ago You sent me Lord.
They want to take me out of her warmth.
I'm not anything to be ashamed of; I'm a blessing.
Take from her such confusion.

I promise you mommy
That I will be an obedient child.
I promise you mommy
That one day I'll take care of you.
God bless you mommy
For striving and being courageous.
God bless you and the children of your womb.

Betty says that God laid the words of this song on her heart before she realized that it had anything to do with abortion. Now she sings this song--and other songs of praise to God--on the sidewalks outside Bakersfield's abortion chamber.

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