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April 7-12, 2006:
Holy Week Short-Term Mission Opportunity
LSM Holy Week Short-Term Mission Opportunity 2006
Take up your cross and follow our Lord to today's Calvary where the innocent are slaughtered

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Stand against the culture of death!

Become a beacon for the Gospel of Life!

Discover and practice effective strategies for saving babies and helping moms wherever you are!

Receive key tools for spiritual warfare!

Find out how being a life-saving missionary could become your vocation!

Intended for High School and College students (and adults)
Baby: Instead of just taking a week's vacation, you can help save my life!
Tim and Terri Palmquist
For more information, contact Tim or Terri Palmquist
(661) 323-2229
Suggested donation $45
(Scholarships available--please don't allow finances to keep you away )

Events will begin with a training session on Friday evening, April 7 and will end with prayer on Wednesday, April 12.

NOTE: While we would prefer participants to attend all events, this is not required. However, Saturday afternoon's training session is particularly important.

Schedule of events

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