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pregnant women and their children

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Our blog now contains the most up-to-date ministry updates and praise reports!

In Touch With LifeSavers features in-depth accounts of babies who have been saved and women who have been helped by LifeSavers Ministries, along with news about upcoming LifeSavers events and other ministry news. In Touch With LifeSavers is published occasionally, when funds allow.
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FrontLine Ministry Focus

The LifeSavers Ministries FrontLine Ministry Focus newsletter newsletter is useful for those who wish to know
Latest reports
Baby saved by a song!
more about the activities of LSM, or who wish to support the on-site volunteers in prayer.

Each issue of the FrontLine Ministry Focus focuses primarily on reports from the recent ministry activities. Issues may also include:

To learn more about the scriptural foundations of our ministry philosophy, read Tim Palmquist's new book, God's Plan
  • relevant scripture references
  • prayer suggestions for volunteers and supporters
  • brief news items which are relevant to pro-life ministry
  • information on upcoming events

Due to time constraints the newsletter is published on an irregular basis, although our goal is to publish it every week.

FrontLine Ministry Focus
Volume 7 (2007)

("Weekly" Ministry Focus)
Volume 6 (2006)
Volume 5 (2005)
Volume 4 (2004)
Volume 3 (2003)
Volume 2 (2001)
Volume 1 (2000)
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