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Literature from LifeSavers Ministries

Since 1984, LifeSavers Ministries missionaries have used hundreds of different pamphlets to help save babies and their mothers from abortion. Most of the literature we have used has been produced by other ministries such as Hayes Publishing Co., Heritage House, International Bible Society, and Life Cycle Books. Knowing that so many effective pamphlets already exist, we never intended to become a literature publisher. However, in some situations we have found it necessary to produce our own literature, because we couldn't find anything else to adequately address the issues. We are now beginning to share our literature here, in hopes that other ministries and missionaries will find something useful. This is not a complete catalog of the literature we have produced, but just a small sampling. We hope to add more titles to this site soon.


Should saving children from abortion be a PRIORITY for churches?

Unwed pregnancy is not a sin! (pamphlet)

Unwed pregnancy is not a sin!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day: A pastor's reflection on the death of Laura Hope Smith (and the baby in her womb)

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