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Baby "dead" in July, born in February

Laura really wanted another baby.
'Dead' baby born alive
Laura kisses newborn Minna Elisabeth, as Brenda Capps looks on.
But it looked like it just wasn't going to happen. Not this time, anyway. So, on July 9, 1997, Laura drove to the Family Planning Associates abortion chamber in Bakersfield. When a sidewalk counselor, Terri Palmquist, spoke to her outside the abortion chamber, Laura said "my baby is already dead, so I need a D&C."

Inside, the abortion chamber staff administered a pregnancy test. Then they informed Laura that she would need to have the abortion soon, before the level of hCG in her blood dropped.

Laura went outside to talk to Terri some more. When she explained that she needed to have the abortion soon, before her hCG level dropped, Terri realized that this could mean that the baby was still alive.

"For nothing is impossible with God."

- Luke 1:37

"The Lord just laid it on my heart to call Brenda Capps, a local midwife," Terri explained. Using LifeSavers' cellular phone, Terri let Brenda talk to Laura.

Brenda agreed to see Laura. When Brenda examined Laura, she could hear the baby's heartbeat, so she encouraged Laura to obtain some herbs which would help to prevent a miscarriage.

Baby Minna Elisabeth was born on February 6, with Brenda's assistance. She is a precious, healthy child--and to think, she could have been killed if God hadn't intervened.

LifeSavers Ministries would appreciate donations of baby clothes and other items to assist Laura and other women in her situation.

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