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Bakersfield City Attorney Ginny Gennaro

City Attorney Ginny Gennaro

At the May 20 meeting of the Bakersfield City Council’s Legislative and Litigation Committee, City Attorney Ginny Gennaro was directed “to draft a resolution disfavoring abortion for the Committee’s consideration.”  The resolution was proposed as a possible alternative to the Human Life Ordinance, which was the subject of the committee meeting.

With the committee scheduled to reconsider the Human Life Ordinance on September 23, Gennaro has drafted a resolution which does not disfavor abortion, but merely commends organizations which provide abortion alternatives.  At a time when many members of the public are asking the City Council to take a pro-life stand, the resolution seems crafted instead to avoid taking any meaningful stand.  In particular, the resolution dehumanizes children killed by abortion, by repeatedly referring euphemistically to “pregnancy terminating procedures.”

Even when the resolution touches lightly on post-abortion suffering (“…in some circumstances…”), no mention is made of the reason that women suffer post-abortion grief: the loss of a child.

Although the first statement of the resolution, referring to the rights enumerated in the Declaration of Independence, was taken from a proposed pro-life resolution which Tim Palmquist submitted to the committee in August, the next statement in the resolution reveals Gennaro’s agenda: keeping the City Council neutral.  But if, according to Gennaro’s resolution, “the City of Bakersfield respects and honors all viewpoints, religions, and creeds,” should this prevent the city from boldly making declarations such as “In God We Trust”?  Obviously not: Bakersfield has proudly led the “In God We Trust” movement!  So shouldn’t the City Council be able to make a clear pro-life statement?

Some organizations which provide abortion alternatives may consider themselves to be honored if the City Council passes this resolution, but LifeSavers Ministries will consider it to be a dishonor if any resolution is passed which further contributes to the dehumanization of the unborn children who die by abortion.  Calling such a resolution “pro-life” only furthers the mockery.

The text of Gennaro’s proposed resolution follows:


WHEREAS, this nation was founded by those who believed in human rights and the right to the pursuit of happiness, who thus created an instrument in the Declaration of Independence to ensure those rights; and

WHEREAS, the City of Bakersfield respects and honors all viewpoints, religions, and creeds; and

WHEREAS, individuals within the City of Bakersfield and throughout the country have undergone procedures terminating pregnancies; and

WHEREAS, Individuals who have undergone pregnancy terminating procedures have, in some circumstances, suffered psychologically and emotionally from the procedure; and

WHEREAS, there are many faith-based and social activist groups, as well as concerned citizens who counsel against terminating pregnancies; and

WHEREAS, the good work and dedication of the aforementioned groups have helped many individuals seek alternatives to abortion [on September 23, the committee added here the words “including but not limited to adoption”]; and

WHEREAS, the City of Bakersfield maintains that there are many positive and feasible alternatives to abortion.

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved, by the City Council of the City of Bakersfield that organizations that advocate and educate the public about the alternatives to abortion should be commended.


City Attorney proposes pro-choice resolution to pro-life City Council members — 3 Comments

  1. You can’t be alittle pro-life. Either for life and want to protect it or against life and want to destroy it. DON’T BE LUKEWARM.

  2. Not only is this resolution a joke, but so is your cause. Did you know that at the time allowed for a pregnancy to be aborted, that “child” is no more than a clump of cells, no nerves, no thoughts, no blood, NOTHING. Okay so it’s “murder”, let’s go with what you’re all saying. Say a woman gets raped (which happens to good christian women too may I remind you) and the woman’s attacker gets her pregnant. Because of a religiously and emotionally influenced political idea, she is forced to carry HER RAPIST’S SPAWN to full term? Okay say a woman doesn’t get raped, a teenager has unprotected sex and ends up pregnant. First of all, there are way too many situations a TEENAGER could be in for this not to be a case by case situation. The teenager could have drunken/abusive/etc. parents and she becomes victim to their wrath. Or she has no parents at all, then what? That teenager might not be physically fit enough to have the child, not financially stable enough, then what? We put her and her child on welfare? Well s***, you’d probably protest that too. Oh but wait, there’s still adoption right? Consider this, on any given day there are ABOUT 400,000 children in out-of-home care in America. At the very least on average they stay there for about 2 years, 10% of those children will be there for 5 years or more, then when they turn 18 nobody will give a d*** what happens to them. Nearly half of them have chronic medical problems, half of the children under 5 have developmental delays, and 80% of ALL of them have serious emotional issues. A more useful cause for your “kindness” and “love” and lifesaving skills would be helping the children who didn’t have a choice. They didn’t have a choice to be born and they’re far more than a clump of cells. Why don’t you get your heads out of your holier-than-thou a**** and actually do something to help humanity instead of playing the christian victim. Because you will be the “victims” all your lives, even though you have now been proven to victimize children. Have a nice day.

  3. I know of course you won’t publish my comment, but consider it for yourselves in your own hearts what you’re really doing.

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